Fantasy Geek Game is Here.  12 sided Dice.  Check.

Put down the breadboards!  The Fantasy Geek Game is now LIVE!
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With a name like Fantasy Geek for a game, you know this isn't Pop Pop's Yatzhee.  You're not rolling dice or playing with little're straight rolling geek powers like it's no one's business.  It's a Facebook game which is funny since the Geek pictures on Facebook might be a little...unsettling.  Let's take a quick look at what to expect playing Fantasy Geek besides a sudden, unexpected rise in your pants legs height.  Geek Out!

As we mentioned, Fantasy Geek is played in Facebook.  We really wanted to build it around (or better yet, within) Facebook since you can quickly get a game started with your friends.  I love playing Risk but it's such a pain to sign up and get your friend signed up to a Pogo or other site and they're never on there so what's the point.  Facebook is freakin everywhere and everyone's on it.  More importantly, Fantasy Geek is the kind of game you can effortlessly play with good friends and just acquaintances you haven't seen in years (or decades) without too much commitment.  All fun.  No commitment.  Perfect for Facebook.

Looking at the main page, it's all right there.  Starting at the top, you'll see your Geek Gaggle.  That's right...a gaggle of Geeks.  You have up to 6 spots to fill or draft from the every increasingly list of prominent geek candidates.  Each candidate has 6 attributes which are loosely based on the following categories:  Physique, Baby; Techmology, Odditorium,  Dress Code; Gaming, and Hobbies.  Geeks have strengths in different categories and the Alpha Geeks are strong in most if not all. Watch out for them...they'll eat your inhaler for breakfast.  The goal is simple, you want to have the strongest attribute scores at the end of each week to win categories against your opponents.  The goal is to win as many categories as possible.  A given geek will have an average score to help you strategize but on any given week, the actual score may be up or down from there.  Hey, it's Fantasy League action, Geek style.  But wait, you'll not only get these 6 geeks, and 2 cutting knives, we're not done..Perks and Traps.

This is where every geek and wanna-be geek squeals with high pitched delight. 
Perks and traps is where the game is REALLY played.  Once you have your geeks all picked out, you'll notice the next section down.  Perks are simple.  They either kick up your geek's score or protect you from traps.  Traps are even better and more devious.  You can apply traps to your opponent's geeks to ding their scores or cause all types of mischief.  These are the basic perks and traps but you also have other weapons at your dastardly disposal with reversals, misdirects, and system-generated traps that roam around wreaking havoc on random victims.  The Bling perks and traps take the whole concept of Geek Battle to DefCon4.  Now you can apply Time Delays, Misdirects, Stealth, and Ghost traps.  Uh Oh.  Clean up, on your pants Aisle.   

Each week, the "reveal" will happen on Friday at 3pm and you'll see if your perk/trap strategy worked not only in your group of 6 players, but worldwide (sure, we'll say galaxy-wide in keeping with our Geek-loving mojo).  You can then use your Geek baubles earned for category wins to upgrade geek personnel or abilities on the next round. 

Just don't expect to get the human girl.


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