Alien Tech Fantasy Geek Game Perk
All the knowledge of the Klingon empire is now yours

"And they say cruising around vacant military bases never pays off".  Famous last words, right?  Not this time.  The "Keep Out" signs on the fence didn't faze you and you're now staring directly as some serious alien technology and it's all yours.  This is very geek's sweet dream.  Find some advanced piece of alien technology and finally gain the respect and adulation that has been so sorely missing at recess.  Well, we're not sure if we can deliver in the real world, but in the Fantasy Geek game for Facebook, Alien Tech delivers big time for your fantasy geek players.  Let's take a look at this sweet gem of a perk and wield it's powers to your geek domination!

The Alien Tech perk is simple yet powerful, like the technology it aims to pay homage to.  When you apply this perk to one of your fantasy geek players, it will add 4 points immediately to their Techmology score for the remainder of the week.  You can only apply the additional 4 points to one player but keep in mind that the goal of the game is to have the highest cumulative score across all six fantasy players so your real goal is to avoid getting hit by opponents as they come after your newly inflated score.  We'll get into the strategy of the Alien Tech perk later but first, a little more detail.

The increase in score will show to the whole league (other opponents) right away as an applied perk.  It will stay there till week end's reveal where the scores are tallied and then reset for the next week's play.  There is a strategic question of whether it's best to apply these straight perks early in the week or later.  If you apply earlier, it will attract attention from your opponents and there are corresponding traps that work against Alien Tech.  The primary trap is Wood Shop, where your technologic prowess suffers as the result of seeing too many Van Halen guitar knock offs in wood shop class.  Very dangerous and this will offset your Alien Tech boost (although only partially).  What can you do to protect your new found gains?  You can also apply the Wrist Watch Calculator perk to neutralize the Wood Shop trap and there's even a reversal that will send it back at the sender.  All these options include Alien Tech perk have various pro's and con's depending on what others do.  That's where the fun comes into play.

Let's look at the Alien Tech picture.  We decided to go old school for a more retro feel.  Sure, we could have offered some Transformer's reject with digital green light transit or valleys and channels but that's played out.  Instead, we went with the old school robot toy from the 60's and 70's.  Picture Lost in Space, the original one.  We thought this was a cooler representation of geek appreciation for old tech to represent new tech.  That's a very geek way to look at it and we're just fine with that. 

So next time you're rummaging through that 5 star general's garage sale and you find a strange cube that glints as first exposure to the mid day sun, go ahead and pay the $5.  Only you will know what to do when the a slow, steady humm starts to emanate from the cube.  You'll know because of your practice in Fantasy Geeks with the Alien Tech perk. 



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