Bubble Boy Protection Perk
Corn Nut allergies are a thing of the past

Oh, itís a dangerous world out there!  Thatís just for the normal folk.  Bob is anything but normal a powerful geek master in the Fantasy Geek game world of protractors and intrigue.  His resilience is part a result of having unusually large hands (seriously big, people) and the decade or so of his youth that he spent literally inside a bubble as a result of having allergies to all know man-made, natural, and paranormal materials so far categorized by the minds of science.  And yes, that includes cork.  Yes, it also includes water, parrots, mopeds, and of course, Halloween candy corn.  Everything.  With modern science and an intensive local honey regiment, he was able to genetically alter his 25 chromosomes (still no indication what the other two do aside from make him break out in contact with Nutella) so that he could enjoy a normal life as an adult and once and for all, put away the bubble for warm summer days only down the hill behind his house.  In honor of his bubbled existence, we created the Bubble Boy protection perk within the Fantasy Geek game.  Letís see how it works.

The Bubble Boy protection applies to the Physique, Baby! Category and is a direct response to the dreaded Corn Nuts trap within the game.  An opponent can apply the Corn Nuts trap against a player in your roster of 6.  This trap will automatically reduce that playerís Physique Baby score by 4 points which is a bit pop off of a potential total of 10 (the best score).  As the description for the Corn Nuts trap read, ďAllergic reaction to corn nuts leaves you with forehead rash.  Yes, forehead only.Ē, you can see how the Bubble Boy protection perk in a wonderful antidote to this trap.  In fact, if you have the Bubble Boy perk applied in advance, the Corn Nuts trap will not work and that opponent just wasted a very valuable trap.  Thatís where the beauty of the Bubble Boy protection perk or any of the protection perks come into playÖthe opponents canít see that theyíre applied and therefore, they will waste a trap on your player.  That makes doubly delicious when they attack you only to have it foiled.  If we could muster the maniacal evil villain laugh in word form, we would but we canít, so we wonít.  So what are the rules surrounding the Bubble Boy protection perk?

You have to apply it in advance of some one attacking your player.  Each protection perk is specific to a given category so Bubble Boy only works on the Physique, Baby! Category .  The individual perk can only be applied to one of your geek game players.  If you protect one player and an opponent attacks one of your other 5 players, youíll get no benefit from the perk.  That doesnít mean someone else wonít attack your player later in the week and the protection perk still remains valid through weekís end.  When should use consider a protection perk versus some of the others?  If find certain players getting attacked often in certain categories, thatís a prime chance to use the protection perk.  It does three things.  First, it protects the category and geek game player as intended.  Itís wastes one of the opponents traps which are valuable.  It also discourages the other opponents from attacking your player in the future as they fear the first two above.  Either way, itís such a wonderful way to tell your buddy/opponent ďSuck It!Ē and isnít that what friendship is all about.  Bubble Boy just went legit in the world of Fantasy Geekdom!



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