New Build A Geek
Geek game playing just got personal

The strangest thing happened while testing one of the early iterations of Fantasy Geeks for Facebook.  We were going through a trial game with the developers to ferret out the usual bugs that occur when creating an online Facebook game from scratch.  I chose my Fantasy Geek roster trying to corner the Dress Code and Physique Baby categories and I was pretty happy with my selections.  All the players were selected and I took a quick scan at the initial starting score to see how my strategy worked out?   The lead developer was way ahead!  How did that happen...we hadn't even started playing yet. 

The lead developer had sneaked a new player in on his roster.  The player had his picture, albeit with a strange grimace and geeky affects.  The player had huge scores in 3 categories with 12's across the three while the highest score for the standard stable of players was 10.  Granted, this player would use us a lot of the Fantasy Geek bank bucks but still, it was working as the developer quickly scooped up 3 categories.  At first, I didn't know exactly what had happened then I realized that he pulled a fast one on me.      He had introduced this player as a joke but the feeling I had was of envy and a geeky cry for fairness.  Then it hit me....I want to do that to!

We later discussed the round of trial play and talked about the added geek player.  We all loved the idea and although it would set back the launch of Fantasy Geeks, it was well worth it.  What if players could created their own geek players and choose not only the picture and name but more importantly, the category scores and attributes.  We were excited!   It could give a player some benefit but ultimately, everyone had the same bank bucks to spend so the advantage would be where the score was consolidated...not how much total score was available.  More importantly, it would give players a chance to be creative.  We've racked our brains trying to come up with geeky category attribute descriptions for every fantasy geek contender across 6 different categories.  Ultimately, that was half the fun of creating the game...the ability to be creative in their attributes.  Why not give that same sense of geeky creation to our players and fans!  Make it so (a throw out to Star Trek 2nd Generation fans).

So how do you go about making your own personalized Geek!  It's easy.  On the multiverse page, you see three tabs across the top.  One is to Start League, Build League, and finally...Build Geeks.  This is where you want to go.  It's then pretty straight forward.  The cost is 10 Facebook credits which amounts to $1 US, a small price to pay for total geek domination.  You simply click on the Create New Geek button and you'll be able to enter in the 6 category scores and descriptions.   For example, Dress Code description might be "Ham sewn cap".'s all yours where creativity comes into play.  The good news is that you'll be able to edit your geek's picture, name, scores, and categories any time later on so feel free to let loose.  You can even share your new geek with Facebook friends if you're so bold.  That's pretty bold.  Either way, Build A Geek is a way for us to bring all the creativity out there in Facebook land to bear on the geek universe.  Have fun and get to building!



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