Chester Downs Fantasy Geek Player
He makes Geeky look dangerous and unsettling

Some geeks are fun, light, and loveable.  Others border on the creepy side and Chester Downs definitely fits the latter description.  He's not a bad kid and he's pretty impressive in the Fantasy Geek game on Facebook with impressive scores across the main categories but there are some personal traits that are just hard to get past.  Where should we begin?

From a very early age, Chester's speech pattern was hauntingly strange with alternating currents running from hyper-spastic to downright monotone.  More disconcerting of his vocal inflection was the fact that when he spoke to you, he would look about 1 inch above your left eye and one inch outside of it.  You really started to feel like you had food on your face or last least...on your forehead.  Chester's eyes were continually in fight or flight mode with an intensity that led you to believe he was trying to catch you on fire.  Poor Drew Berrymore.  His various expressions of geek strangeness only intensified with age.  Chester proceeded to adopt interest in a host of completely irreconcilable interest from the geek standby's like Star Wars extreme paraphernalia to the less expected fondness for Latin American fad dances like the Macarena.  He spent 2 years thinking that Chupacabra was a Columbian Tango/Fox Trot hybrid.  Turns out it wasn't but don't tell that to Chester who continues to ask girls at the winter ball dance if they want to do the Chupercabra while gazing at them with very large eye-balls.  Let's just say that he hasn't found many takers.  There is one place that Chester Downs dances the night away and that's as a Fantasy Geek game player.  Let's find out why he's in high demand with our geek game.

His weakest score is in the Gaming category where he'll land you a 6 for his Halo Helmet with serial ID#.  In and of itself, not very impressive but when he wear's in the subway, much more so.  For the Physique, Baby! category, you'll get a solid 8 for the mole he has in the shape of Gorbachev's head.  If you look really closely, you'll even see Gorbachev's mole on his mole.  Universes within grains of sand that is.  Dress Code is Chester's chance to both shine and horrify with his horizontally striped mankini.   We're not sure if he was going for the horizontal stripes make you look bigger effect but it will definitely clear out the poolside.  Under Techmology, his zero point energy wand will garner you a 9 score.  He brings it out to cure any possible ailment from hang nails to psoriasis and he'll even comment on the invisible lines of force that he thinks he sees coming from the tip and entering the etherial plane.  On a more mundane note, his pet Tarantula Herb will give you a 7 score in the Hobbies category as long as he hasn't lost it again in the laundry bin.  Finally, a respectable 8 can be obtained in the Odditorium category for Learn Macarena floor mat with foot stencils and step-by-step instruction in Spanish, English, and Finnish. 

All told, Chester is in the top 10 Fantasy Geek game players and should prove a solid pick in the first two rounds unless Gaming is a category you're looking to control. 





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