Cletus Puetz Fantasy Geek Game Player
He's a little afraid of almost everything

What do you call a person who would rather be rocking the sweet jazzy sounds of Chuck Mangioni in the heart of South Central while Cube is blaring from the porches up and down the block?   You call him Cletus Puetz.  Flugal horns weren't exactly playing well in the hood but Cletus couldn't help himself and don't even get him started on Rise by Herb Albert.   Silky smooth jazz funky fusion as he likes to tell anyone who will listen which usually consists of a guinea pig named Buckyball and a cat named Schrodinger.  Cletus may not have much street cred but his online cred in Starcraft circles is epic (a word he uses to self-describe).  Zerg or matter.  You're going to find yourself overrun by Protoss carriers and...ooops.  We digress.  Cletus is completely legit as a fantasy geek player so let's check out his background to find out what brought him here.

Cletus was born 2 doors down from a Korean liquor store and a DMV.  From these less than auspicious beginnings, he went on to less than stellar elementary and middle school experience.  It wasn't till high school in Lawndale where he started to shine...and by shine, we mean the geek trifecta, president of the robotics club, lead technologist the young IP/TCIP coders society, and finally, young masters of the SoCal Chess masters.  Within the geek world of his local high school, he was Zeus, Picard, and John Connor all rolled into one.   While others were busy trying to make out behind the bleachers, he was busy collecting nematodes and designing perfect replicas of the Star Wars clothing.  The only give away of his geek status is the excessive sweating specific to only one area at a time.  Cletus is definitely in the top 6 of fantasy geek players with his fairly strong scores so let's figure out where he shines.

In the Gaming category, Cletus scores a 7 for his complete lack of ability in Call of Duty despite years of playing the series.  It's very sad.  In the Physique, Baby category, a sudden bout of excessive knee sweat conjures up a respectable 8.  Now we're going to get into the higher scores for Cletus.  In the Dress Code category, his hand-stitched Boba Fett loin cloth fetches a strong 9.  In the Techmology category, his gas-powered water gun brings in a 10 and if you're in the line of fire, you'd no why as the stream of water peels back your skin most house paints.  In the Hobbies arena, not many people will appreciate his binural nematode collection but his 8 score is definitely a shot in the arm for your fantasy league players.  Finally, to finish off strong in the Odditorium category, his one of a kind, Chuck Magioni artwork will earn you a 10 out of 10...that's a geek gold medal!

Cletus has fought back from a hard neighborhood and the constant threat of bullying to muster up a powerful fantasy geek player make-up in spite of all odds.  He's definitely in the top 5 of fantasy geek players so if you can get him early on, jump on it.  Cletus is known for saying "Life is Scary.  So is lunch".  He's hiding in the bathroom every day at school just so you can rule the fantasy geek game.



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