Contact Us with any Fantasy Geek game questions
Except for Pi to the 1000th place

Contrary to what you might think, binary code or Fortran will not be required to communicate with your fellow Geek friends regarding the FantasyGeek game.  We tried to make the game as easy as possible to jump into and enjoy but questions will always arise and we want to make sure to get you answers or resolutions to your questions.  Feel free to contact us as   Let's go through the common questions we get regarding our geek game on Facebook and share some resources that can help with many basic questions.

The first place to check for answers to common questions is the Geek Lair.  This is the holding area for all kinds of important and helpful information regarding how the game is played, perk and traps, the various players, and the how the Bling accounts are handled.  We'll continuously add new articles and helpful tips as questions come in which have not been addressed yet.  There is no fee to play the game on Facebook and you just need to send out invites to your friends to get a game going immediately but please feel free to send any direct questions, issues, or recommendations directly to us at

Some questions pertain to our Bling bank where you buy Facebook credits in order to get more sophisticated perks/traps or exclusive Bling players to use within the game.  You can find general information on how to purchase or use the Facebook tokens along with their terms (this is managed by Facebook) or access our article at the Geek Lair regarding how we interface with the Facebook token system for our Bling bank.  If you have experienced any issues regarding purchase, usage, or credit for Bling bucks, please let us know at

We specifically built FantasyGeek to work within the scope of Facebook since it was ideally suited for what we to create as a geek game.  Taking this into account, make sure to abide by Facebook's terms and condition since the game resides within Facebook and requires the same communal rules be followed.  Please report any behavior or language that violates the rules and spirit of the Fantasy Geek community to us at  This may be language with the geek chat provided within the game, handle names, or avatar pictures.  We want everyone to have fun and ultimately, you need to use good judgement as to what's appropriate.  This is similar to what Facebook expects so most of us are already there in terms of making sure everyone in the community has fun. 

If you have ideas or recommendations on how to make the game work better or provide even more fun, please let us know.  We get lots of ideas every day from our fantasy geek fans.  Some are great while others are....not so great.  Either way, we love hearing from our fantasy geek game aficionados and welcome comments, criticisms, and ideas.    So all you code monkeys, novice wizards, and advance origami us make Fantasy Geek the best game ever. 



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