Fantasy Geek Game Contagion Trap
Uh oh.  Maybe those websites have caught up to you

The first of the deadly traps make its presence known in the Fantasy Geek game for Facebook.  Contagion is every geek player's nemesis as it threatens the very means upon which his world's revolves...the Mother Ship...his computer.  Without his computer and blessed internet access, his world folds like a house of cards so this is truly a deadly attack.  Let's take a look at the Contagion Trap in the geek game world and how to use it to your full advantage.  Computers beware.  Contagion is coming. 

We've all been there.  One minute, you're stealthily navigating multiple screens with emails, webpages, threads on the strength of Adamantium, orc lore, you name it.  Everything's good as the orange soda cans quickly pile high in the trash (and floor) next to your captain's chair (eat your heart out, Kirk).  You switch back to your other window where you just blasted someone's comment about Jquery script...Please, let me know when you get html down, Chump and it happens.  FREEZE.  None of the keyboards buttons re responding to your 60 words plus fingers.  You try all the tips you've learned over the years of surfing questionable sites with viral loads approaching a Burger King toilet.  You're in and out of the back and front of the PC environment with no luck.  This can't happen now.  You're scheduled for an 11 pm COD sync up with Teshi from Japan.  It is Friday night after all!  Contagion.  A tech head's worst night mare.  You're going to have to call in the pro's now...Mikey from robotics club.  Great, he'll have that on you for weeks.

This is exactly what we wanted to capture with our first trap, Contagion.  You can apply the Contagion trap against any opponent in your geek fantasy league.  Each trap can be applied to only one of their players and it will immediately reduce that player's Techmology score by 3 points.  This is pretty big considering that the range is usually from 3 to 10 points in a given week.  The 3 point reduction will last through the week's end until the reveal where everything is tallied up.  The whole board will see not only the Contagion trap applied to your opponent but who it came from so be careful, payback can be a....well you know.  This might (and probably will) invite reprisals from the attacked but it's still so fun to levy a Contagion trap down on the head of your opponent's strongest geek player in the Techmology category.

One note.  The offended player may have a protection perk on that player (and the Techmology category) which will negate your trap.  This is where the strategy comes into play.  Do you put the Contagion trap on their strongest player?   That might be where the protection perk lays in wait (you can't see it).  Do you apply it to a weaker player since the goal is to win (or hurt) the entire category across all 6 players anyway.  We'll leave that question to you since the right mix of perks and traps including the Contagion trap is key to winning each week's game and conquering all of Geekdom.

The picture for the Contagion Trap is a man in a suit wearing a gas mask.  Yes, this may be pretty straight forward for the Contagion angle but it was menacing, which reflects the true nature of the traps in the Geek game and it had this cool lighting where one eyelet is lit while the other is dark.  Sometimes you choose a picture just because itís cool.  Very un-geeklike but trust us.  Contagion is a great weapon for you to wield in the game.



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