Corn Nuts Fantasy Geek Game Trap
What's that on your forehead??

Geeks have very peculiar tastes and preferences.  It's almost part and parcel to what it means to be a geek.  Yes, you have the geeks that are sporting the flat billed Giants hat but this clearly mismatched style just brings out their geekiness and combines it with a punch of turbo.  Dress a geek up in meathead clothes and it's still a geek.  Lipstick on a pig.  It's best for a geek to stay with his or her gut and this usually results in pretty strange tastes.  Of course, this applies to food choices as well and geeks are notoriously picky with powerful desires for twinkies, orange drink, turkey jerkey, and of course corn nuts.  In honor of our geek game player's penchant for odd food choices, we created the Corn Nuts Trap but this choice has a hidden danger aside from the occasional cracked tooth.  Let's look at the Corn Nuts Trap as it relates to the Fantasy Geek game. 

First, the lore of the Corn Nuts Trap.  "Allergic reaction to Corn Nuts leaves you with forehead rash.  Yes, forehead only".  That doesn't sound too good and things are tough enough on the outside appearance side (with the headgear and all).  Obviously, this trap applies to the Physique, Baby category.  So what exactly does the Corn Nuts trap do?  When you apply this trap to one of your geek game opponents, it will deduct 4 points from the Physique, Baby category to whichever player you apply the trap to.  The opponent will see the trap immediately and it will also show you as the sender so be careful, payback will probably come swiftly in geek fashion.  The 4 point hit to your opponent's Physique, Baby category will last through the rest of the week and will be calculated in the final point tally.  It will then reset as will all perks and traps.  Keep in mind that the goal with the Fantasy Geeks game on Facebook is to win as many categories as possible in a given week.  Since you have 6 players on each roster and each player has attributes within 6 categories (including Physique, Baby), you can apply the trap to any of your opponent's players and get the desired effected (a net reduction of that categories' weekly score).  There's a little bit of cat and mouse in terms of guessing which player an opponent might apply the trap to.  Will they go for the obvious geek game player who has a strong Physique, Baby score or do this go for the weakest player.  Maybe somewhere in between.  Why would this even matter? 

There is a Perk that partially offsets the Corn Nuts trap and there is even a reversal that fully reverses the trap and even returns it to the sender.  There's also a hidden protection Perk you can apply to protect a given player's score (for a particular category) from the Corn Nuts trap.  The person will not see the protection perk and will consequently waste his/her trap.  This is the strategy of the game aside from choosing and managing your roster of fantasy geek game players.  So what does the picture for the Corn Nuts Trap look like?  Hmm....take a guess.  Exactly!  It's a close up of those glorious corn nuts in golden excellence.  Excellent until your forehead breaks out into a rash not seen since the Black Plague.  Senior pictures are going to be rough.



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