Diggs McAlvoy Fantasy Geek Player
Mom is my best friend

Enter Diggs...the ultimate momma's boy.  Yes, we've heard the term of momma's boy but Diggs takes it to a level just short of the Bates Hotel mom/son dynamic.  We're not saying that the extreme relationship still held by grown man and his adoring mother contributed to his exceptional geek status but it sure doesn't help when she still pressing his tighty whiteys each morning before high school.  It started early for Diggs and never stopped.  One indication might have been when she stayed all day at pre-school to watch and play with him.  Yes, all day.  Why go to pre-school at all?  See, that's a question for a normal mother and normal was a quality in short supply at the McAlvoy house.  The fact that mom worked at a linear accelerator and had a general vagueness about her in regards to gender surely imprinted the seed of geek status.  The geek apple never falls far from the tree.  Let's take a look at Diggs McAlvoy, a pretty prominent fantasy geek game player who really acts as a 2 for 1 with mom loitering just behind his shoulder.

Diggs is towards the top of the second tier of geek players in terms of category scores.  If you can grab him in the second round,  get him fast and maybe even the bottom of the 1st round depending on which categories you're trying to rule.  Physique Baby! and Hobbies are both strong with Diggs as is the force...the strange force that is.  Let's run through his various attributes.

For Gaming, his mother never allowed video games since they were known (by her only) to cause pink eye and canker sores.  She fostered a love in any table-top game with foosball becoming the family pastime of hours.  For Diggs prowess at foosball which includes the ability to sit in a chair and play with this feet (you should see him play ping pong with them) for the occasional scientist guest from mom's work.  Child services would have been called many times were not for how good he is with his feet!  He'll earn you a solid 8 in Gaming for foosball abilities.

In the Physique, Baby category, we're looking at a 9 for asymmetrical nostril size.  Now you may be thinking that we're all asymmetrical to some extent and the nostrils must follow suit but when you can fit a candy corn in one and a quarter in the other, that's something special and we need to give props. 

In the Dress Code category, Diggs is somewhat less impressive although his sheer ability to wear any item of clothing with his favorite science fiction images in full screen print glory is worth noting.  His Battlestar Galatica (and we mean the original from the 80's..not the recent update version), you'll garner a score of 6.

Stare into the crystal ball if you can take your eyes away from his nostril.  Yes, that's a hynotizing crystal ball he bought from a very respectable online vender in Thailand.  You 'll get a 7 score in the Techmology category if you can't force yourself to gaze away from it's powerful sway.

Diggs is powerful yet again in the Hobbies category with a solid 9.  Remember mom's love of table top games?   Well, board games of all sorts and variety fell comfortably into this category but Digg's favorite boardgame, Weekend at Bernie's will earn you the 9 score.  When the goal of the game is to get a cadaver from the living room to the boat jetty, what else could we give it?

Finally, in the Odditorium category, his beloved twin pet turtles, Hansel and Gretel  will net you an 8 score.  How do we know they are twins?  Well Silly, Diggs will say, they were born together.  Along with the other 12 eggs. 

Diggs is a strong geek player in our geek game so jump quickly if he comes available.  Just realize that mom is part of the package and boy, what a package it is!



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