Fantasy Geek Perk - Chemistry Set
Should that be glowing green?

Ever since the Graduate, we've all known that the future was plastics or at least a better life through chemistry as we've promised all along.  Granted, there might be some extra fingers and neck rashes along side this modern marvel of chemical utopia, but as part of our Fantasy Geek game on Facebook, we wanted to pay homage (pronounced as in fromage) to very geeky pursuit of chemical nirvana with our Chemistry Set game perk.  Let's take a look at how this works in the game.

First, a perk is a Fantasy Geek game element you can apply to your geek player's scores to improve their scores within specific categories.  The Chemistry Set perk applies specifically to the Physique, Baby category.  The lore of the perk reads as follows, "Mishap with beaker explosion results in your first tan and adds 4 points to your Physique, Baby category".  Finally, the right mix of chemicals exploding above the red glow of Bunsen burner results in something other than a caustic cloud of poisonous fumes to scare the cats.  Maybe a little too much of this chemical or too little of that one and POOF!  Your Fantasy Geek player wakes to find the effervescent glow of a warm orange tan.  The first one every to grace his generally pale (some might say sickly) complexion.  People might incorrectly assume your geek player has actually stepped outside his room/dojo/gaming dungeon all weekend which is a bonus. 

In the game, when you apply this Chemistry Set perk to your fantasy geek player, his Physique, Baby  score will go up by 4 points.  This point bump will only last for the current week as all perks and traps reset after the final scoring at week ends.  The 4 point bump from the Chemistry Set isn't entirely safe however during the current week.  Other opponents may apply traps to that particular player's Physique, Baby's score which will offset the Chemistry Set.   Keep in mind that though that if you didn't have the Chemistry Set's 4 points, your player's score would go negative if hit by the same trap so to some extent, the Chemistry Set Perk acts as protection against any traps applied against that player in a specific category. 

When you choose the Chemistry Set perk, you can only apply it to one of your Fantasy Geek players.  You're allowed to apply 2 perks and/or traps (total of 2) per day Monday through Friday with the scoring reveal on Saturday for the week.  Perks can accumulate which means that you could apply a Chemistry Set Perk to the same player every day and they will add to each other.  In doing this, you are losing the ability to apply other perks or traps however so be judicious in your choice of perks and traps as that is where the real game is played. 

Finally, what about the Chemistry Perk picture?  It's a picture of a young kid with the trademarked black goggle outlines resulting from a chemistry explosion.  In the background are the beakers and associated paraphernalia that every good chemistry set requires.  With your fantasy geek player's new found tan, he might just have the courage to talk to a girl.  By girl, we mean cardboard cutout of Hermione Granger at the local movie theatre but it's a start.



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