Fantasy Geek Game Categories
And No, Dating is not one of them.

What's the measure of a true geek worth his or her weight these days.  9 million, 9 hundred thousand, and 99...sorry.  Seriously, how do you test the mettle of the geek inclined?  We tried to break up all their special qualities along 6 main categories so that they could compete head to head although quite a few are champion thumb wrestlers.  Let's take a look at the 6 geek categories before entering battle.  Keep in mind that the base category scores typically rank from 0-10 although perks and traps can augment geekily powers from there. 

The first one is Gaming.  There's nothing more quintessential geek than a deep love of fantastic gaming, whether it involves little pewter figurines or headsets and controllers.  Some geeks are cutting edge with Second Life or Xbox fame while others go old school and prefer taking on the role of goblin, orc, or paladin.  What ever floats your geek boat.  The category scores based on die hard love for gaming and a penchant for the odd, sad, or just plain gametastic (trademarked in 5 countries and Alabama). 

Our second category is Physique, Baby and it's a celebration of all the physical geek manifestations that evolution has produced.  You might think that the forehead rash or unibrow is a negative but you'd be wrong.  Anyone can look like Brad Pitt.  Not everyone can have 6 toes and feel perfectly empowered to stretch the feet out on a Burger King booth seat.  That takes some serious huevos even if, technically speaking, there's only one down there.

Next up is Dress Code and we mean no disrespect.  In a world where everyone is trying to look like the same person, the geek rises above to showcase a dizzying array of styles once delegated to the trash bin of fashion.  Fanny Packs?  Only if there's enough zippers.  Mom jeans?  Sure...why should middle aged, mothers of four have all the fun (and style).  The message is simple.  I'm too busy contemplating the bigger picture to care about how I look.  Or I'm oblivious.  Whatever.

We're half way there and what a great spot to touch on the true purview of all geeks...Techmology.  It doesn't matter if it flies, buzzes, slurps, gurgles, or attenuates.  If it's technology, it's in the geek's closet and closest to his or her heart.  Our geek brethren may not get the late night booty calls but they do get the late night "how do I convert an AVI file into JPG's" and that's just fine by them.  When all the robot revolt, then we'll see who the hero is.  John Conner better get an over bight!

Some people play basketball while others learn the guitar.  Please, with your peasant interests and hobbies.  Geeks are too busy raising Alpacas or collecting Mr Pibb international cans for that nonsense.   Hobbie is really much to safe of a word to describe the geeks interests as many of his or her hobbies involves irradiated body fluids and combustible gasses.  Just knock before entering and for the love of God, bring the defibrillator.

Finally, all the freakish and geekish that doesn't quite fit the other categories.  Odditorium.  A collection, if you will, of the strange, bizarre, and contagious.  You may be asking, what's the purpose of a brussel sprout sculpture garden.  If you have to ask, then you're not ready for the answer.  In true alignment with the geek stars, Odditorium celebrates that which makes us real different and maybe a tad bit less likely to date.

SO there.  You have the 6 Geek game categories and each Geek will bring his own special twist and attributes to each one.  Whatever you do, don't underestimate their love of the strange and never, never pull their finger.  



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