Fantasy Geek Game Facebook Launch
Put down the breadboard and prepare for battle

It's been a long time coming but were literally hours away from the official launch of FantasyGeek, the Facebook game.  Sure am glad I didn't hold my breath but the extended development time completely changed the play of the game...for the better!  Let's take a look at the final version and when you can expect to get your geeky little hands on it!

The original premise was simple.  You choose your roster of geeks with different abilities and scores to battle Facebook friends (and enemies) for weekly dominion.  You would use Perks and Traps daily to attack, defend, and augment geek scores.  In the original setting, you apply 1 perk and trap per day.  We lined up most of the coding and tried out the game play.  It's was okay.  Like most great insights, we stumbled on the resulting improvement quite by accident.  During the testing phase, we wanted to speed up the play so we could test a full game more quickly than in 7 days (original game play of 1 per day).  The coders set it up so that the next round would begin as soon as all players made their moves.  It was awesome!   There was this back and forth battling with no waiting a day to go back in.  It had much more of a "your move" feel instead of a wait and come back.  That did it...the game was officially fun (hopefully you agree).  That was just the beginning. 

So, we changed it up along those lines and added a few more bells and whistles.  First, there was the Weakest Link (lowest score in a category penalty) and the MVP which provided a scoring boost if you had the highest score in a category.   If any score went down to zero, there was an extra 2 point penalty as well.  These three addition not only added new ways to score and attack but they made sure that you also have some defensive thought to stay out penalty hell.   The game just changed under our geek's feet.  We also added some notification improvements within Facebook and an expansion of Perks and Traps available especially on the Bling side. 

One more big improvement happened by chance due to the squirrelliness of our coders.  We were running a test round when this new super geek popped up on his team.  At that time, there was a stable of 50+ geeks which we were familiar with.  Who was this new guy who was killing us?  The coder took an obnoxious picture of himself, added category scores and descriptions, and added him in backdoor (as only a coder could do!)  We loved it...what if people could make their own geek...probably themselves and pick the scores by category since they're ultimately constrained by their Geek Bucks bank anyway.  We were anxious to get the game launched after all the changes above but we couldn't pass on the ability to design your own custom geek.  So that was going to take a little longer to fine tune.  Well worth it.  We love our new Build A Geek Feature and we hope you do as well now that the game is being rolled out. 



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