Fantasy Geek Game Multiverse
See how you rank in the entire world of Geekdom

What's the point of having a Facebook game thoroughly soaked in Geek lore if you can't throw out current physics theories of everything like the Multiverse.  We're not going to get into String Theory and collapsing realities with the Multiverse but we are going to make the game a whole lot bigger than just your leagues game.  Let's take a look at how the Fantasy Geek Multiverse makes every player a competitor for ultimate geek rights. 

When you set up a Fantasy Geek game, you are playing in a league with up to 6 players.  These are your direct competitors that strategize and maneuver against on a weekly basis but it's a bigger world than just that.  If you're really good at geek battle, you'll start to rank among the stars of the Geek Multiverse which takes into account every player in the world (and the universe as far as we know).  So how does this work and what's the risk of running into an exact copy of ourself while getting a cup of joe?

You're probably safe in your uniqueness but not in the competitive world of Fantasy Geek competition.  The Multiverse page shows the top players for the entire game, not just the 6 people in your league.  By the way, you can compete in multiple league if you have the stomach for that much nonsense.  On the right side of the page, you'll see the top players in the entire fantasy geek multiverse with their Facebook avatar pic, name, geek handle, total cumulative points, and rank.  In the future, we may allow filtering by area, age, gender, etc to see how you stack up but for now, you need to be the best in the world(s). 

Looking down the middle, you'll also see general stats for the game at large which can be useful.  For example, you'll see the most popular geek players that are chosen across all the players.  This will help as new geek stars make their way and old ones start to fade into the world of normalcy (and probably jobs).  Like with any fantasy league game, it's important to manage your roster and the Top Geeks will help you keep track of who is making strides in their innate geekiness. 

You'll also see what the most popular Perks and Traps are.  This is the other part of the Fantasy Geek equation (and you though it was E=MC2).  Each Perk and Trap has various strengths and weaknesses so it can be helpful to gain the wisdom of the crowds when choosing your weapons of choice.  It's not a bad idea to take a look at the top perks and traps used when first starting to go with the tried and true till you wrap your head around how they work.

Moving further down, you're likely to see the top weekly scores which can show what happens when a perfectly executed geek battle strategy comes together.  It's a blessed combination of strong geek casting with finely executed perks/traps applied and of course a little luck in how your opponents played as well.  It gives you something to strive for in any given week with your own geek game strategies.

Finally, at the bottom of the Geek game Multiverse page, you'll find geek Trivia blasts which you can expect through the System Traps that roam your fantasy league looking for unknowledgeable victims.  We'll also post bulletins, updates, and news useful to the Geek Multiverse.  So better get up to speed on your Quantum Mechanics or standard uses for Broad Swords with +20 damage. 





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