Fantasy Geek Game Perk Trap Interaction
Oh, it's about to get interesting fellow Geek Lovers

Once you've picked your roster of Fantasy Geek players, the real strategic battle of the game starts in earnest (a very geeky word if we may add).  Perks and traps are where the Fantasy Geek game really operates so let's look at how these perks and traps interact with each other to varying effects.

Really, the only perks that operate in isolation are the Type 1 Modifiers like Mr. Pibb.  Mr. Pibb is pretty straight forward.  You apply it to one of your geek players and it will kick up the GAMING category score for that geek player by 4 points.  Pretty straight forward and these are the simplest of the perks/traps in that we know exactly what'll they'll do and other perks/traps will not interact with their function.  There's an equivalent Type 1  Perk for each of the 6 categories:  Gaming; Physique, Baby; Dress Code; Techmology; Hobbies;  and Odditorium.  The other perks and traps do not operate in isolation and we need to strategize a little more in terms of how we want to them to impact the outcome of the game.

The core Traps are elements you apply to opponent's Geek player's stats to take off points from them.  Contagion is an example of this type of trap.  When you drop the Contagion bomb on an opponent's geek player, it will knock that player's GAMING category down by 3 points.  Kaboom!  That player will also see that you're the one who did this to him so keep in mind that retribution may be swift depending on his/her strategy.  Now, the traps don't operate in a vacuum so be careful before running wild with trap bombs all over the league.  For one thing, the geek game player you apply the trap too may have the corresponding Protection perk which you can't see.  You will have just wasted a trap (you can only use 2 trap/perk per day) to no effect and that opponent can still see that you attacked them.  Uh oh.  You just made an enemy with no impact to the player's score.  It can get worse in terms of how perks and traps can interact.  There's also a reversal perk you can apply to a given geek player.  If a person applies a trap against that player, the trap will go back to sender.  You will not see who attacked you but the satisfaction of payback will be sweet. 

The ways that perks and traps interact can only get more sophisticated from there.  The Specialty Perks and Traps continue the geek game nonsense to the nth level.  WIth the Stunt Double perk, you can move one of the traps someone applied to your player to another of your players (maybe one that's not as important).  The Torrent Stream perk allows you to take a perk from a player on another team.  It will be applied at random to your players.  Now things are happening all over the board as perks and traps interact with each other until the dust settles and we see how our strategy played out at week's end. 

There are also system traps that run rampant through the whole league only to find relief at the steely point of your geek trivia knowledge.  When players start to dabble in the geek game witchcraft known as Bling perk and traps, the interaction of perks and traps are augmented with delay effects, stealth options, misdirection, and ghost options which make their effects felt later or not at all in terms of how they interact with other perks and traps on the board.  There's lots of moving pieces in the Fantasy Geek game but we're sure your wrist watch calculator has the sin co-sin function.  It does have that, um...right??



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