Bring Out the Clowns..I Mean, the Perks
Time to Power Up Your Geek Players

Wouldn't it be great if you could get up in morning and go ahead and apply a little +3 boost to your attitude or your sense of humor.  Outside of the limited success of coffee, we can't do that but the Geek Cast can do this with perks in our Fantasy Geek game.  Let's take a closer look at the Fantasy Geek perks and how they're your Geek's new best friend aside from imaginary Tom.

Perks are a big part of the strategy associated with Fantasy Geeks.  This is where you make moves and actually control game play with your cast of fantasy geeks.  Simply put, perks are elements you add to your geek players to improve their ability scores or protect them from the evil doings of your opponents in the game.  The first batch of the perks are pretty straight forward.  The Geek Improvenator Perks are all about increasing firepower and a quick shot to your geek player will make him the talk of model train club, for sure.

They have various names and lore but these improvenators increase the base scores for a given category for the geek player you choose to apply it to.  For example, the Wrist Watch Calculator may kick your Techmology weekly score up on one player by 3 points.  Use this perk wisely as you have limited number of Perks and Traps that you can use.  You also need to use the Perks on the right players.  For example, do you kick up the score of your best player or try to ratchet up your 2nd best so you can take the category?  Good question.  It also depends on whom your opponents are going to attack.  That Perk may get cancelled out by some dastardly Trap applied by an opponent.  So many different ways to play this one little perk.  Each category will have its specifically tuned Perk.  For example, Physique, Baby will have a perk different from Dress Code so you need to choose well up front. 

The second category of Perks are a little different.  These are protective in nature.  They will protect your player from a Trap which can be very important if you have a bunch of hooligans for friends.'s important to YOU.  Very simply, if you apply the Protection Perk on a given geek game player, he will be protected from the corresponding (by category) Trap that another player may apply.  There are two ways to do this.  You can pre-emotively protect a given player to ward off their activity or you can react to their attacks with Protection Perks.  It partially depends on your strategy and your what the other players are doing.  It will change week by week and day by day as certain players make runs.  If you start doing really well, you can expect the other geek players to come after you in earnest so get the protection perks ready.  You can expect a lot of awkward motions in Ninja suits out on the front yard tonight!

There are even Bling perks you can use which have the same general play (increase score) as the Geek Improvenators above but they're effects are hidden, delayed, or misdirected on the board to throw off the other players and create a general sense of chaos throughout all of Geekdom.   We thought you might like that. 



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