Fantasy Geek Game Reversals
Return to Sender, Suckas

What good is any geek game or battle for that matter without the sweet taste of revenge.  At Fantasy Geeks, we believe payback should be an integral part of any good Facebook game so please let us introduce the Reversal Perks as our first evidence.  Before we get into the reversals, let's explain what Traps are in the first place.

Traps are elements you can apply to your Fantasy Geek game opponents to hurt their geek player scores.  For example, Contagion applied to an opponent's player will hit their Gaming category (for one player) by subtracting 3 points with a nasty assault of viral load from "surfing" the net too much.  What if one of your players is strong in the Techmology category and keeps attracting nasty little Contagion traps from your opponents.  Put the Reversal Perk on the at player to protect him.  Next time someone applies a Contagion trap to this player, the Bubble Boy reversal perk will send it right back at them.  Kaboom.  That's got to hurt.  They'll think twice about applying that trap next time to you which is the whole point of reversal trap. 

When you protect a Fantasy Geek player with the reversal perk, the specified (each reversal works only for one specific trap) trap will go back at the sender and damage a random player on his/her geek team with the same point damage that was originally intended for you.  Again, each specific trap has a corresponding reversal so if you apply the Techmology category reversal to a player and the opponent comes at you with the Physique, Baby category trap, your reversal will not help you.  The reversal perk will continue to protect you through week's end though in case another trap is sent your way with the correct category specified.  At the end of the week, all traps, perks, and reversal play out and will reset before the next week's play starts.  This means that reversals will no longer protect you and will need to be applied again if you want their protection.

So what's the strategy behind reversal perks aside from the feel good buzz of blasting back some one's who's attacking you?  There are many ways to play the reversal perks depending on what your goal is.  First of course, you may want to protect very strong players or players that are dominant in a given category that you're attempting to corner for the week.  For example, if you have a general high base score across your players for Odditorium, you can expect that some opponent might come after your strongest players in this category.  This could a good place to put a reversal perk, if anything, to promote the old adage of once bitten, twice shy.  A few well placed reversal perks early on can carry additional effect in later weeks when the reversal is not needed since they will not want to risk it.   This is a great way to use the reversal perks strategically beyond just the protection it affords for that week.  You an also use it if a particular member keeps getting attacked.  Most likely, there's one opponent who keeps targeting your fantasy geek member and a reversal will usually force some strategy changes away from your players. 

The reversal perks are not only very effective to protect your geek players but there's something incredibly fun in punishing someone for messing with you.  I'm sure you're you'll be in the business of payback when playing the Fantasy Geek game on Facebook.   




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