Fantasy Geek Game Scoring
So how do you win this crazy game?

Fantasy Geek is a game after all so how do we win?  If we're talking about winning, we need to get into scoring since that's how we get there.  The game was finely crafted (with straight edges and protractors for sure) with the idea of strategy being foremost so our scoring follows suit.  Let's take a look at how the game is scored and more importantly, how you can use the scoring setup to pound your friends into geek oblivion.

It's simple on the surface but the strategy goes as deep you want to, Das Boot.  First, you have 6 geek players.  Each player has a base score between 1-10 in each of 6 categories.  The six categories are Gaming; Physique, Baby; Dress Code; Techmology, Odditorium; and Hobbies.  Again, each geek player will have a baseline score between 1-10 in each of these attributes.  This is the basis for the scoring on a weekly basis.  Keep in mind that the baseline is only that...a given geek player's score in any one category might be higher or lower depending on how they did that particular week but the average will fall close to the baseline over a longer period of time. 

In it's simplest form, the goal of the fantasy geek game is to get the highest weekly score in as many of the 6 categories as possible.  A perfect week would be to have the highest cumulative score between your 6 fantasy geek players in each of the categories against your opponents.  This would be really tough to do.  Keep in mind that a given category crosses all six of your players.  For example, if in the Techmology category, your first player received 7 points; 2nd player received 5 points; 3 rd player received 9 points, 4th player received 4 points, 5th player received 8 points; and your 6th player; received 4 points; your total weekly Techmology score would be 37 points.  Your goal in the game would be for that 37 points to be higher than Techmology cumulative score of all your opponents.  If so, you would get the 37 points towards your weekly total.  Ideally, you get all 6 but that's nearly impossible.  Not impossible but nearly (since we need to throw in a little Quantum Mechanics to our game design).

Now, that's the basis for the fantasy geek game scoring.  What about strategy?  The scores above are randomly generated by the system and ultimately, you pick the strongest players during the draft phase of the game.  Perks and Traps are how you can affect your scoring outcome.  Perks and traps are used to benefit your player's scores, punish the opponent's scores, or protect your player's scores from attack.  There's all kinds of different ways to play the perks and traps so we'll leave that to another article but you can swing both your scores and your potential to win categories significantly by using the perks and traps.  As the game goes on, you'll be playing against your local geek game opponents (the 5 other people in your league), but you may also find yourself contending for Geek Multiverse standings against all the various Fantasy Geek game players in the universe or at least, our little corner of it. 

Your scores will continue to add week after week towards your total point total.  On one hand, you're playing with a weekly focus to gain points, but your cumulative score lives long beyond this crude material we call our bodies (to borrow from Yoda).  So what are you waiting for, it might be the only time your geek players score.



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