Fantasy Geek Game Strategy
If you're going to play, Dominate!

So you're deep in the middle of Geek game battle against your slightly less geeky friends on Facebook.  So what's the play.  Let's assume this is the first week of play and you don't know what they're up to yet.  Perfect place to start.  Let's walk through a little bit of Fantasy Geek strategy to help conquer the online geek world and destroy all those who dare oppose you (okay...that was pretty geeky). 

First, there's the geek player draft.  The Chinese have a saying that translates into English as "Well begun is half done".  When this saying was first coined, likely 1000's of years before the internet came about, they were obviously referring to the Fantasy Geek game draft but didn't have the words for it yet.  The Geek draft is where you will get to pick your fantasy geek players.  You have an allotted bank to spend in this pursuit.  You won't be able to pick all the best players since that will eat up your bank in about 2-3 guys and you have 6 slots to fill.  So our first bit of strategy deals with how to successfully draft the best geek roster with your allowed amount.  First, a quick primer on how scoring occurs in Fantasy Geek.  There are 6 categories:  Gaming; Physique, Baby; Dresscode; Techmology; Hobbies; and Odditorium.  Each geek player has a base score in the 6 categories and as we mentioned above, you pick up to 6 geek players.  The goal is to have the highest cumulative score in as many of the 6 categories as possible.  Based on this, how do we pick our players?  Each fantasy geek player will have strengths in one or more category.  For example, the highest score in an otherwise average player may be in the Techmology category.   You'll be forced by your bank restrictions on choosing some marginal players so if your plan is to take the Techmology category (among others), I would pick the mid-level geek player with the best Techmology score.  This means, if you have 4-6 players with a cost of $25 geek bucks, find the one whose strength is in the Techmology category.  Now, extend this further to 2-3 categories you're looking to take.  Find the best mid-level player (say at $25 geek bucks) with stronger (won't be that great but better than other categories) scores in as many of the categories you hope to win.  That's the draft in a nutshell.  Also, take a look at the geek players your opponents are picking and see if you can tell which categories they're going after.  Find the ones not on that list for an easy score.

So the draft is a major consideration and key to a good start.  That's only the beginning of the Fantasy Geek game strategy.  Every day during the course of game play, you will have perks and traps you can apply (one perk and one trap per day).  The perks can help or protect a given geek player of yours while the traps can hurt your opponent's player scores.  There are dozens of perks and traps available but only a few random ones will be available every day.  Use these strategically in the aims of improving our original category goals and hurting our opponent's inferred category goals.  For example, if you're going after the Techmology category and a Techmology perk pops up, grab it.  Likewise, if a strong opponent is going after the Dresscode category and a Dresscode trap (perks and traps are generally specific to a given category), apply it fast!

Between a tactical geek player draft and strategic perk/trap application, not only will you improve your chances of dominating Fantasy Geeks, but you will also speak general-talk which is very geeky unless you're...a general.



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