The Dreaded Fantasy Geek Game System Traps
They're out there...just looking to take you to Prom

Beware.  They're lurking and your geek players may just fall prey.  The System traps are  roaming pitfalls sent out into geekdom to create mayhem and only your knowledge of Geekdom and geekery will save you.  Let's take a look at the System traps in the Fantasy Geeks game for Facebook before it's to late for your drooling, athletically-impugned players.

First, what are traps in the Fantasy Geek game.  Traps are elements that geek game players will generally apply to other opponents in order to hurt their geek players stats.  For example, if you apply the Locker Room Wedgie on an opponent's player, it will reduce their  Dress Code  score by 3 points for that week.  There are various ways to protect against this effect the System Traps are something altogether. 

System traps are similar in that they hurt your geek player's scores but that's about all they have in common.  First of all, the system generates them for a little bit of random chaos to the mix.  They bounce around from player to player and there's only one way to get rid of a System trap once it lands on you.  You must face the man behind the curtain, the King of Geek Trivia, Lynus Toosh.  As a Level 20 wizard with documented Stones of Kryzakk and chronic polyester allergies, he knows all when it comes to geek lore and history.    When the System traps land on you, you'll have 8 hours to release the trap by answering one of Lynus' geek trivia questions.  One second past 8 hours and the trap remains yours for the week and the damage is done.   If you can answer the geek trivia question in 8 hours, the system trap has been released and will move on to it's next random victim.  If a person misses the 8 hour window or if they are the last person standing at week-end's reveal with the system trap, tough luck....they take the hit. 

The System traps are there to mirror the happenstance of geek battle that cannot be planned for.  It's the Prom Night invite from Agnes Lescue next to the lockers.  It's blind date set up from your Aunt where your strongest attribute is the sheer volume of sweat that you can produce from your forehead (why doesn't that count for anything in today's modern world).  There's a slew of them and they'll travel around looking for the uninformed and disinterested.  That's when they'll strike.

The trivia questions deal with all things Geek.  There will be references to your favorite gaming setups, various modes of high tech banditry, 2nd Life escapades and quirks, and of course the cursory allegories of geek chic style points.  By the way, that's zero points.  Zero.  There are 1000's of individual trivia questions which are pounding you at random so it will be awhile before you're well versed.  Just when you're starting to feel comfortable about Geek trivia and you're seeing the word LARP in your sleep, Lynus is going to read books on the outside just to keep one step ahead of you. 

System traps.  Don't worry, Lynus will go gentle on your middle earth self.



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