Fantasy Geek Game Updates
Break out the protractor...we have some changes

So we've been through the first round of testing for the Fantasy Geek game and a whole slew of new ideas and brainstorming came about.  Of course there's the occasional glitches or bugs that need to be fixed but that relatively straight forward.  Where we're really excited has to do with the actual game play and strategy itself.  Like with any endeavor, online games like Fantasy Geek tend to shape and grow organically with time and we're no different.  Let's take a look at some of the new game play changes that should work to make the game better than ever for geek game evangelists everywhere. 

First, what prompted to make the changes to begin with?  What did we see in the original game play that we wanted to improve?  For those who don't know, Fantasy Geek is a Facebook game where you manage a roster of geek characters against opponents for head to head battle based on various geek abilities.  It's similar to games like Fantasy Basketball or Fantasy Football but instead of balls, we're talking protractors here.  You can use Perks and Traps to either improve your players stars or hurt your opponent's scores.  The game runs through a week's time and the scores are tallied.  There were six geek game categories (Gaming, Physique Baby, Dress Code, Techmology, Hobbies, and Odditorium) and each of your six players (drafted in the beginning) had a score of 1-10 in each of the categories.  You won points by having the highest total score by category at week's end.  That was the game in a nutshell.

So we ran through the first rounds of testing and found things we liked and things we didn't like.  It worked like a charm for the most part but there wasn't a reason to really apply the Perks or Traps with any strategy since the scoring was based on the cumulative category score across of your six players.  Whether you apply a given perk to Horace or Finkler didn't matter since they were all added in the end.  We didn't like this.  We wanted more reason to go after a certain guy versus another one.  There were also a bunch of ties at week's end since it becomes pretty probably with 6 players having average scores pretty comparable to each other (usually in the 4-7 range) that ties would result between players. That's when the wheels started to turn.  What can we do to make the moves (especially perks and traps) more strategic in nature? 

First, we need to give each opponent more reason to target a particular player and a particular category.   Hot spots among the geek game players so to speak.  We are considering increasing the score range from 1-10 to 1-100 and adding a great deal more variability into the score potential.  Even the best players would have a few strong categories say with one category at 82 and the rest below 50.  The 82 category becomes a target both of attack and defense if you're looking to take that particular category.  We like the way this is going.  We would also consequently make the perks/traps have more pop as well.  For example, the original set up would add or subtract 3 points from a category which ranged from 1-10.  We now look at 30-50 points with the intent to wipe out a category altogether.  If a category goes to zero, it can even have a negative impact on the other categories.  Either way, the scale has increased with the goal to "knock out" categories altogether and in doing so, fine-tuning a person's choice of target both of attack and defense.  This is the direction the new game is progressing and we look forward to our fan's comments and recommendations.  It's everyone's geek game on Facebook after all.



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