Perks and Trap Just Made Geeks Dangerouser
Oh No!   The PROM NIGHT trap!

The art of geek war just went high tech.  You probably already know by now the general vibe of the Fantasy Geek game on Facebook.  You must pick and manage the best scoring gaggle of geeks to win the week and the lady (elven princess Smuuuda of course).  Each geek has his own special attributes among 6 different categories and that's fun and all but such a small, small part of the game.  Perks and Traps are really where the geek game lives an breathes.  Let's take a look at your arsenal and count the ways you'll bring all Geekdom to your feet. 

When you look at the main Fantasy Geek game screen, right in the center, you'll see a brightly colored bar that houses perk, traps, and bling.  This is where you can scroll through the available perks and traps to drag and drop over various players.  It's that easy...see a perk you like and drag and drop it onto your geek member.  Once you release the perk/trap on a player, there's no backing out.  It's gone.  You can apply one per day during the week so use them wisely, young Geek-i (sorry...that was a stinky call).  So now that we understand the method of applying the perk/traps, let's get into how they work.

First, the perks.  Perks are things that improve the geek's ability, typically along one category.  The simplest perks kick up points for a given player in a given category.  The goal of the game is to have the highest cumulative score in a category across all six of your geek players in order to capture that category for the week and the points associated.   Based on this, you may have some categories that are pretty strong already based on your geek's base scores.   You may want to kick up those scores with perks to ensure you win them or you may want to apply the perks to the next best category where you're not at inherently strong without them.    This assumes you'll win the strongest category but that's where strategy comes into play.  The other 5 players are making the same calculations so think it through.  This is only the beginning of the Perks.

The next set of perks will protect a given player's category from traps (which we'll discuss next).  If one of the other player's puts a trap on your player, these protective perks will block them.  There are even Perks that will reverse traps back onto the sender's team.  Payback's a ...well you know the rest. There's even another subset of perks which are akin to rolling the geek dice.  They can kick up your scores much higher than the standard perks but they can also hurt you (to a lesser extent).  Vegas, anyone?

Now, let's look at traps which will probably resonate strongly with all those trouble-making friends of yours.  Traps are applied to opponent's geek players.  They do all sorts of things but primarily, they reduce the scores of those they're applied to.  You may want to target an opponent's star geek but be careful, he or she may have a reversal or protection perk on that player.  Maybe you go for the 2nd best since they need the category total score across all geeks on his team.  Oh...the possibilities. 

There are also System traps roaming around like wraiths (please see D&D manual for reference) in the night looking for a geek team victim.  They bounce from player to player each day randomly and you never know who's going to end up with them.  Same things are out of our hands after all. 

Finally, there are the Bling perks.  These are sweet.  They cost 25 cents but the strategery (yes, we used that word and we're fine with it) they bring out is impressive.  Essentially, you can drag/drop the Bling Effects onto existing perks/traps to augment their powers of subterfuge.  There are Delay bling effects which won't show to the board including those affected for a random # of days.  There's Stealth bling effects which don't show until reveal.  There's Misdirect effects which show as coming from another opponent.  Oh, how we love to sow discontent.  Finally, there's the Ghost effects which are decoys.  They look like traps applied to a player but they're not real.  They eat up resources and they and foment dissent among the ranks.  Perfect!

We'll provide more details on each individual Perk/Trap but this is a good, quick and dirty introduction to the world of Geek Domination and how you'll rule the 12 sided dice of this land! 



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