Flippo Sheethedde Fantasy Geek Player
He makes spazzy look so uncool

Some people are just spazzy or as Flippo's wife likes to say, over-excitable.  It started early for Flippo.  Early birthday parties were tricky since he would see the presents and just rip into them.  Even at other kid's birthday parties.  Wrapped packages were just too much for him to deal with.  Internal dialog was consistently turned off and Flippo was quick to blurt out what ever was on his mind is a steady stream of conscious river of techn-babble and tom-geekery.  His lopsided report card reflected his early predisposition to anything with a circuit.  You would find F's and D's in the core classes such as English and History until he became adept at projecting answers onto a retinal display hidden on his clunky set of 20/240 glasses.  Math and Computer Science however, were always straight A's and that's only because there were letters higher than A.  He could teach not only the class but the teacher as well.  You just knew that if he ever flunked out of school, we'd all still be working for him due to sheer genius with a keyboard and logic gate.  This, in spite of the spit exposition that accompanied any sentence that came out his mouth.  Flippo is our kind of guy at Fantasy Geeks and he makes a solid 2nd round player for your Geek game roster.  Let's take a look at how his scores stack up in the six Fantasy Geeks game categories.

In the Gaming category he begrudgingly scores an 8 for an undiscovered mic fungus on the Xbox system.  This unique fungus is able to survive on a constant spittle stream of Orange Fanta and Nacho flavor powder in 2-3 ratio and of course, at the mouth of deep-sea volcanic vents. 

Flippo can eat almost anything (and will if you put it in front of him) except for one dish, which he has a very strong allergy to.  The disk is Bi Bim Bop and the allergy, a curious purple coloring of the lips and nose bridge earns him a 9 for the Physicque, Baby category.  Anything discoloration of the nose bridge should score pretty well, right??

Flippo will wear branded clothing from any company that hands out freebies at the CES show which we annually attends with falsified badges ("it's so easy to crack their servers").  His prized piece de resistance is an old X-box hoodie commensurate with curry stains.  You'll get a solid 7 in the Dress Code category for his wearable salute to Indian food.

You may be asking how a lowered Toyota Tercel falls in the Techmology category but you better pop the hood first.  In the scary netherworld where James Bond and Inspector Gadget intersect within Flippo's brain, all manner of technological upgrades have been made to that poor Tercel.  Built in model rocket launchers in the front are his crowning achievement and are alone worthy of the 9 score in the Techmology category.  Just don't every hit the turn left signal.

In an effort to visually display the gene sequence responsible for his enlarged Adam's apple, he's created a room sized paper-machete replica of the suspect DNA sequence.  You'll get a 6 in the Hobbies category alone for this.

Finally, his prized possession and no one really knows why (or cares).  A vintage Mr Miyagi deck of cards in Japanese.  We all loved the venerable if cryptic karate but how did we miss the card set??  Flippo didn't and his are safe behind a laser matrix over his head board.  This priceless (actually, about 2000 yen) collector's item will be forever safe and will garner you a solid score of 7.

If you have a chance to grab Flippo and Physique Baby or Techmology categories look to be your focus, by all means pick him up on your roster.  Just mind the slobber and spit. 



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