Freddy Schillinger Geek Player Profile
The Quadratic equation can be sexy

Freddy’s world is awash in numbers, both real, imaginary, and very very long.  Most kids get a snowcone and they’re mainly concerned with whether to go blue (completely natural flavors) or rainbow.  Freddy is deep in thought as to the crystalline make up of the individual ice crystals in near reductive symmetry and the overall cone shape as a reference model to a visible universe expanding in both time and space.  Years of calculating pi to the 32nd place and practicing the quadratic equation to various show tunes such as BINGO have made him a master of all things numeric and equally earned him a top spot in the Fantasy Geeks game on Facebook.  Let’s find out how Freddy “Exponent” Schillinger came up.

Growing up on a farm in Nebraska would seem to be a strange place for a budding math ingénue but somehow, Freddy persisted.  Nearly self-taught since the local elementary school of 100 students capped out at geometry, something that Freddy explored in details while still in diapers.  At age 6.  He was a slow developer in some respects but not when it came to math.  He later found himself doing other students homework for money so that he could order advanced books on math, quantum mechanics, and laser do-it-yourself kits.  The back of his room quickly devolved into a scientific and fantasy Mecca with half-built gyroscopes and World of Warcraft cheat sheets littered about the place.  His parents had pretty given up on his social integration.  The only remote interaction he had with the outside world was combing through garage sales for odd-ball machinery and beloved POTUS briefcase which he subsequently filled with bottle rockets and roman candles.  He has truly embraced his geek status which translates into his high geek game scores.  Let’s take a look how he fares.

In the Gaming category, he scores a strong 9 for his WOW of authorized dealer license.  He’s made a mint in selling virtual pets with a focus on South American and Lower Andromeda quadrant native snakes.  In the Physique, Baby! Category, he find his neatly quaffed inner-nose as a result of Gandolfe nose hair removers which kindly gives his geek game owners a 9 out of 10.  We get real special in the Dress Code category with a 7 score for his Boba Fett Underoos.  We would judge except for the fact that it’s Boba Fett.  Boba Fett!!  He’s pretty sweet even on underwear.  In the Techmology category, you can expect an average of 6 for his laser/maser collection.  6 is pretty average but he hasn’t gotten the power past a few kW of power.  So subpar in his view.  For his 8 score in the Hobbies category, a long-standing study of show tunes and resulting mastery of jazz hands performs nicely.  Finally, in the Odditorium category, we’re looking at 8 for his POTUS briefcase,  one many personal effects that have the POTUS insignia scrawled across it.

Freddy is still a top-tiered Fantasy Geek game player and generally goes in the first round or beginning of the second round due to his well-balanced scoring.  With a low of 6 and a lot of 8’s and 9’s, if the math is too tough for you to calculate the relativistic value of Freddy’s geek game scores, don’t worry….Freddy can do that kind of calculation while having a stroke (.023115522 probability).



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