Ganesh Parvad Geek Player Profile
Some people like cats and some people looovvvvee cats

It’s not always easy to be the new kid on the block especially when you’re the son of two computer engineers at the local Floridian Chemical factory.  Ganesh found this out the hard way as he threw his roots to the wind and embraced every bad aspect of suspect American culture…in the wrong way.  Watching Tom and Jerry for hours as a child, he translated his favorite show into a general idea of America=cats.  This began the accumulation of various tabby’s, manx’s, and semi-feral neighborhood cats around his backyard as he entertained this mangy mess with feline tea parties and crackers.  The local kids didn’t really understand why his arms were constantly covered in scratches or where the general smell of tuna and sour milk came from but Ganesh was oblivious to this.  Ganesh is a pretty powerful player in our geek game universe so if you’re okay with the constant smell of catnip, he’s going to rack up points for your roster week after week.  Let’s take a look at scoring attributes and yes, he also likes mice.

Video games would be the logical choice for Ganesh with his self-imposed house arrest after school but there was one slight problem.  The stress of video game performance would inevitably lead to pretty severe gas and eventually, the family forbade him to play video games outside of Pong.  This strange quirk of his constitutional lack of fortitude earns him an 8 in the Gaming category.  In the Physique, Baby! Category, we may have to blame his chronic (by chronic, we means for years now) pink eye on the strange company (translated as “cats”) that he keeps and the resulting hygiene or lack there of.  The pink eye alone earns him a 10 because, seriously…for years now!?!?   For the Dress Code category, we have to look at his one attempt to venture into the outdoors…the beach none the less which was quite a feat for someone who doesn’t like water (patterning after cats).  The only problem is his summer wetsuit which not only ran two sizes to small but was not needed on a 100 degree day.  The summer wetsuit fetches a strong 9 in the Dress Code category especially with the Hello Kitty screen print on the inner thigh.  Having two parents at a large chemical plant lead us to his score of 7 in the Techmology category.  3 grams of Americium plays a major part in his prized collection of rare, dangerous, and potentially illegal chemicals in his self-made chemistry set.  His love of the lower half of the periodic table would have to take second fiddle to his real passion…collecting bouncy houses.  He’s got broken ones, intact and fully functioning ones of every design and layout you could imagine.  His inheritance and a general lack of supervision has fed this insatiable desire for all manners of contraption bouncy.  For this, he earns 8 points on average in fantasy geek game play.  Finally, in the Odditorium category, he earns a 10 for his lifesize Terminator cutout of every major deadly cyborg in the entire saga of Arnold Swartznegger techno-pocalypse.  

All in all, some pretty good geek game scores and you should definitely add him if he’s available first round.  Ganesh has somehow found a way to leverage his geeky adoption of American nerd values and find a little nook to make his own.  Him and about a dozen cats, that is.



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