Garage Sale Geek Game Trap
How much for the cherry Boba Fett?

You’re just like the kid in Toy Story.  It’s Saturday morning and you’ve been up all night battling buddies across town and across the world in COD (new map download…sweet).  You’re a little groggy since you didn’t hang up the controller till about 3:30 when you hear some noise coming from the front yard.  You want to check it out but you’re also reliving powning you brought to the screen around 1:15 (or was it 1:27??).  You had the whole team in lock down and a big smile of self-satisfaction greets the 11am morning sun.  There’s that noise again…it sounds like your mom but there are other voices as well.  Is that crazy Mrs. Faulkner from down the street…what is she doing here.  You lift yourself up and put on your Ebay find of the month, a tie-dye t-shirt with a unicorn literally eating a dragon.  Stumbling over to the window in pre-Dr. Pepper stupor, you pull back the very black blinds to witness a terror.  No it’s not “walkers” or anything that would require you to get your crossbow from under the bed.  It’s worse.  A crudely drawn sign on corrugated box material spells out, “Garage Sale”.  Mommmmmm!!!  She’s at it again.  You scan your room and notice curious vacancies where some of your prized geek paraphanlia once resided.  You look back at the curb to watch Mrs. Faulkner exchange a few small bills for an armful of some of your most prized possessions.  It’s geek assault, Defcon 4.  This is war but you’ve lost the first battle as she strolls down the street with Klingon mask in tow. 

You just witnesses the suffering brought on by the Garage Sale geek game trap.  It’s not a pretty sight.  When you apply this trap to another opponent’s geek player, they will automatically take a 4 point hit to the Odditorium geek game category.  4 points is a pretty big hit since the base range is from 1 to 10 depending on the strength of your geek player.  There are ways to protect against the Garage Sale trap such as with the Trap Door protection Perk which cancels out the Garage Sale trap and is not viewable by the attacking opponent.  This wastes one of his traps as well.  There is also a reverse perk which sends the Garage Sale trap back to send.  Ouch.  Back Atcha! is the reversal perk to use for the Odditorium category as each perk or trap is specific to a particular category.

The Garage Sale trap will stay active once applied to a player for the remainder of the current week and will figure into the week-end tally assuming it isn’t reversed back to the sender.  All perks and trap will reset immediately after the week’s scores to start the next week off clean.  Use your perks or traps wisely.  You want to make sure to go after categories which you hope to win for the week with traps such as Garage Sale.  Keep in mind that the other opponents will also be doing the same and that is where the strategy comes into play.  Odditorium is a good category as it tends to be thought of later simply due to the fact that’s it’s the last and final category.  Use this to your advantage and conquer all of geekdom.  One more note…make sure to secure your prized geek possessions so moms isn’t out there peddling your wares in plain sight of the entire neighborhood. 



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