Bling Perks/Traps Take Fantasy Geeks to the Next Level
And No, it's not Level 2.0

Sometimes, we just want the speakers to go to 11 and our Fantasy Geek game on Facebook is no different.  The Perks and Traps are beautiful for some serious strategy in your question to dominate all Geekdom but Bling is where the real deviousness comes into play and it plays hard!  Let's look at the Bling perk/traps and look at how they can turn the tides in your favor.

First, what are the perks and traps?  Perks are options you can apply to your geek game players to either improve their scores or protect them from traps.  Traps are options you can apply to your opponents to punish their geek players with unmerciful power.  Bling perks/traps take it to a new level.  First, you buy Bling perks/traps through the Bling Bank for a small 25 cents each.  You are allowed to buy up to 5 a week and they will use up your 1 perk/trap per day quota.  The Bling perk/traps work much like the regular geek game perk/traps but with added strategic elements.  Let's look at the main groups of these elements now.

First, there's Delay bling perk/traps.  When you apply these Delay perk/traps, they will not show to the affected member or board for a random period of time between 2-4 days (but always by week-end reveal time).  This is sweet since the other opponents will make decision based on what they see and guess what, they don't see your Bling Delay perks/traps.  They'll start exploding all over the board days into the week's match to wreck all kinds of damage and demand adjustments to their strategy.  It's like a little timed bomb that goes off long after you left.

Next are Stealth bling perk/traps.  These carry the delay's subterfuge in a new direction and will only show at reveal.  There's no chance for the affected geek game opponent to react and adjust for stealth perk/traps.  They're like virus just waiting to strike and you can unleash them.  The use of stealth perk/traps works when you don't want to give the opponent an ability to adjust to regular perk/trap or even in a panic, to delay perk/traps.

Just to sew a little dissension in the group, we next introduce you to the Misdirect bling perk/traps.  When you apply these perks/traps, they will show as coming from another opponent.  The affected member (received the trap) will then blame the other person and react accordingly.  He/she may profess that the trap is not from them but who's to know.  Trust is broken and you have successfully thrown them off your scent.  Or have you?

Finally, there's the Ghost bling perk/traps.  These appear to be perks or traps on the board but they're not!  It's really a mirage that will not show until week-end's reveal.  This will force your opponents to waste resources protecting against an imaginary foe.  Why not use a real trap instead?  It's the age-old fun of bluffing while staring at a 7 and 4.  They'll think twice next time they protect against that trap but will they guess correctly?  That's the whole point.  Deception is a geek's best friend.  Only second, to a Chia pet.



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