Great Fun With Facebook Geek Game
Your knowledge of Lego 3d printers will finally come in handy

Do you have geek friends? We know not you…but friends of yours.  Okay…maybe you too.  Either way..if you do, then you must be familiar with some of the fantasy games that they play; these may be board games which require dices that they roll in order to decide who fights or those online fantasy games where they build an imaginary army with different stats and attack another user’s army and wait for the outcome. Now I’m also sure you have watched a few teen movies by now, and you may have seen some geek characters that have really funny things to say as well as do equally funny and outrageous stuff. Now mash up the mechanics of popular geek games and replace the traditional fantasy characters with geeks and you get The Fantasy Geeks Game!

How does the Fantasy Geeks Game Work?

Imagine playing a game where instead of having knights and catapults and dragons, you get an army of six composed of geeks! Every week, you get to draft your geek warriors from a huge number of wannabe geek fighters. Each geek has his or her stats which dictate the areas where they are strong at.  These stats include: Physique, Baby; Techmology, Gaming and Hobbies, Dress Code and Odditorium. Some geeks are stronger on specific stats than others. Watch out for Alpha Geeks; these are the strongest of all the geeks as they excel in most categories; some are even powerful in all 5 categories.

Like most geek games where you should have a strong army of soldiers and magical creatures in order to beat your enemy, The Fantasy Geeks game requires you to have the strongest 6-geek lineup in order to beat your opponent’s geek squad! However, it’s not just the stats that will help you beat your opponent’s assembly of geeks.  The original draft with geek bucks is only the beginning of the game.

Spicing up Fantasy Geeks with Perks and Traps

Here’s where things get interesting: After selecting your geek super group, you now have access to perks and traps which can turn the tide of the geek battle into your favor. Perks basically augment your geek’s existing abilities, or give them unique powers. Traps on the other hand, damage your opponent’s geeks which can lower their stats or take them out of the battle completely. This is the strategy component that most geek games have. You need to plan out which traps and perks combo you need to use in order to beat your opponent.  

At 3pm every Friday, you will be updated on how well your geeks fared in their battles. If you do win, you get geek baubles which you can use to upgrade your geeks and make them even stronger for the next fight. This is a really fun game which you can play on Facebook, so you can play this game with your friends and millions of other people all over the world!  Oh what a Geeky web we weave.  That was pretty stinky.  Our bad.



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