Guillaume Fantasy Geek Player Profile
Hello.  I'm from France!

Guillaume claims he's from France but judging by the strange, ruddy grey color of his skin and the webbed feet, we're not buying it.  No number of flat billed street cred is going to change our mind either but we'll let him (or is it her) continue with the France ruse.  It's not helping that he keeps measuring each person he meets and writing down basic biometric data (his term, not ours), in a journal with the label, "To Serve Humanity".  Maybe we're just being a little conspiratorial but Guillaume is one of our strongest Fantasy Geek game players and for that, we have to the funny-shaped head little guy some props.  Let's take a look at one of the strongest and (sub out the "o" for an "a", strangest) geek players available for your intended domination of all Geekdom.

Player Background

Guillaume suddenly appeared on the scene after a very large meteor strike near Santa Fe but some how he clings to a story of French upbringing.  We can probably blame the coneheads for this.  We're sure that's just coincidence but his occasional brandishing of burro clay art and beaded dream catchers seems to draw from his "growing up" in a small compound not far from the heart of Santa Fe so who are we to question.  His speech has always been a bit strange with strange vowel substitutions, article drops (he blames it on living in China), and just the occasional guttural hiss if it were run through a Auto-tune effect.  Keisha, he is not.  We don't much more about him until he showed up at a local community college and tapped into their computer network to "assimilate all human history".  He claims it's for a Marketing 101 group project to sell Axe body spray online.  That's all we know.  He says more will become apparent when the humans are subjugated to working the mines but that's probably an ill-translated French saying or something.  French people.

Geek Player Attributes and Scores

Guillaume is one of the strongest players in the Fantasy Geek multiverse.  Let's break it down by category to see what he brings to the geek table.  For Gaming, he has "top seller of Orc erotica", an intriguing yet unsettling marketplace and we don't dare meet the "buyers" that turn up.  For Physique, Babe!, he has "lower back tat" which is an obvious attempt to blend in but blend in where, at the local bowling alley or strip bar.  For Dress Code category, he has the "Ultimate Fighter Wristwatch", a combination of two strange bedfellows, meaty violence and geeky style.  Within the Hobbies categories, he has "lego city scape of Baltimore" as Guillaume has apparently been watching the Wire on HBO too much although we're big fans.  Finally, in Odditorium, he has "Full stocked dark room" which is interesting considering everything is digital these days.  He claims to like the darkness.  His scores in the six categories are 10, 9, 8, 9, 10, and 7 out of a total of 10 in any given category so you can see that he's a force within the Fantasy Geek game.

Strengths and Weakness

Guillaume doesn't have any weaknesses across all six categories and he'll blame that on his frugal Sante Fe upbringing.  Odditorium is his weakest category at a 7 and even that isn't bad.  If you can get Guillaume in your Fantasy Geek roster, grab him fast.  Just make sure not to ask too many questions.  His knowledge of French culture runs about as deep as yours.



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