Fantasy Geek Game Half Off Perk
Bad style at any cost is still too expensive

It seems all the good stores for true geek fashion are going under which poses a problem for your geek players.  Yes, they can always by pants a few sizes too small along the lines of boy's size medium to get that really good high rising flood look but some pieces of their geek accoutrement are hard to come by.  If only Spencer's sold cloths.  They don't so your geek fantasy game players have to shop where they can.  Garage sales, Kmart outlet stores, 99 cent stores.  You name it.  Every now and then, one of their favorite fashion hotspots throws all their favorites styles on sale and it's game on.  They'll just have to put off the second story building to their second life robot dojo because all their best styles are on sale with the Half Off fantasy geek game perk.  Let's see what this means for your game play and their role play. 

The Half Off game perk is one you can apply to any of your Fantasy Geek game players and increase that player's Dress Code category by 4 points for the week.  This perk remains in place through the week end and then resets when the score reveals.  Considering that base scores run from about 3 to 10, 4 is a big hit and can really swing your Dress Code score for the week if you're trying to take that category.  Scoring in the Fantasy Geek game is counted by category across your 6 geek players and not by the individual players so make sure to use your perks by category in terms of strategy. 

The graphic for the Half Off perk is straight forward and perfect.  You have the quintessential half-off tag attached to what has become the symbol of all things rim glasses (think Apollo engineers running around from the 60's) with that special little piece of tape wrapped around the nose bridge.  It's just missing a little paper clip to hold one of the arms on tight.  Bad fashion never looked so good or so geek.

The Half Off perk has it's nemesis in the Fantasy Geek game with the Locker Room Wedgie.  This is the corresponding trap for the Dress Code category.  There's also a Dress Code protection perk called Utility Belt which protects against the Locker Room Wedgie trap.  Although Half Off does directly interact with the protection perks and traps, it can cancel out or offset part of the Locker Room Wedgie Trap since perks and traps are cumulative.  Only the reversal will complete eliminate the trap however and that's the benefit of the protection mod over the Half Off perk against a trap.  We'll leave these strategic decisions to you but realize there's all sorts of nonsense you can bring with perks and traps.

You're allowed to apply the Half Off perk at most once per day which is true for all the perks and traps.  You can try to corner 1-2 categories by applying them routinely but you  also want to get as many categories as possible to have a better chance at winning the game.  Make sure to adjust to what the other players are doing as the week progresses as this will tell you which perks or traps will be more advantageous.  Obviously, Half Off will be in the mix because who doesn't want to show up to the party with a brand new T-Rex fanny pack for the ladies. 



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