How to Play the Fantasy Geek Game?
With a Protractor, Space Captain.

So your inner-geek is intrigued by the Fantasy Geek what?  How do you play the game.  It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be depending on your love for strategy.  We built it for Facebook so that the interface and ability to play with friends is built right in.  Let's take a look at how to play the game and stress that you will not be required to wear argyle sweaters while playing but it might help you win more.

Once you're ready to jump on board, you simply create a quick account and register.  Since all the info in Facebook, not much will be required outside of your basic info which transfers instantly from FB.  You will need to pick a Fantasy Geek handle and keep in mind that this handle will be seen by everyone if you start to rank highly worldwide so put some thought into it.  Maybe something like Mavis Squalls.  Get geeky with it.  You're now ready to go.

First, you will invite who you want to play with.  In your immediate game, you can pick up to 5 other people to play against.  You can quickly send out invites to any of your friends in Facebook (anyone in Facebook for that matter) and even email invites to people not already in Facebook (although they will have to join FB).  Once they join and register to play, you'll see them across the top of your main Fantasy Geek game grid.  When everyone's in, you can start the Geek Draft. 

This is an important part of the game.  You want to start well.  The system will randomly generate a draft order for the initial choosing.  The available geeks will run along the right side and will be ranked according to their various (6) category scores.  This is where strategy comes into play since you get points for having the highest score BY CATEGORY from your 6 Geeks.   Some geeks will be strong across all categories while others dominate one and not another.  Do you go for average strength or do you try to corner a category such as Physique, Baby.  That's your call and you'll want to adjust and make changes as you see what everyone else is doing.  Each Geek will have an average score next to the six categories along with their corresponding attributes.  It's the score that really matters. 

Once the draft is selected and you all have your 6 geeks, gameplay is ready to start.  The next big piece that bares thought and monitoring deals with the Perks and Traps.  You can drag and drop perks on to your player to either enhance their score or protect them from Traps.  You can drape and drop Traps on to opponent's Geeks to hurt their scores.  There's even Bling Perks/Traps that can hide, misdirect, and over-all, create mayhem and subterfuge (a very geeky term if we may add).  You're allowed to apply a Perk or Trap, once per day during the course of the week.  You'll want to watch what the other players are doing to adjust your strategy as well.  We'll have lots of articles on Fantasy Geek Game strategy for those with really too much time on their hands. 

The game runs weekly with a reveal on Friday at 3pm.  This is where you see how your strategy of perks and traps played out.  You can plan accordingly for the next week and also adjust your line-up based on how you did the prior week.  If you start to really shine, you may rank globally (worldwide) as your score grows cumulatively over time.  Geeks of the World, Unite!



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