IP Address Geek Game Perk
Silly parents need your help with the computer box

Silly human adults.  They busy themselves with work, groceries, and Modern Family.  Every now and then they look up to check on you in your eternal hibernation in the the cluttered space you call a room but every now and then, they need your help and that's when the tide turns in favor of every self-respecting geek.  Yes, Mom...you may pay the bills but I set up the remote control, the DVD player, the Wii  (really, you can't even register the remote??)  Now and then, your techno brilliance shines on the home front and it's important to take advantage of these rare opportunities.  Our IP Address protection perk is salute to the fleeting yet satisfying accolades you get when the bridge between the non-technical and your Singularity Is Near world is navigated by your infinite prowess.  Let's check out the IP Address protection mod and how it just might save you in the Fantasy Geek game.

Let's set the stage first.  Your mother ship...um...computer is all viraled out.  It's looks like your late night surfing of bipedal robot parts picked up some hitchhikers that even your comp skills can't handle.  Bad news since you have a date tonight.  By date, we mean all night WOW campaign to the Trident Witch's lair with Yoshi from Japan.  You're comp's not up to the task of some serious gaming with orcs, trolls, and the occasional reference to Katy Perry in a land of fantasy and mysticism.  In walks mom.  She NEVER comes into your room.  Must be serious.  Umm...Horace...can you help me with my computer.   I can't get internet.  The pieces connect and you see a way out.  "Sure mom.  If I can get it going, can I use your computer tonight for....a book report".  She know that's a line of crap but she also knows that Land's End is having a sale online so you have her.  "Okay...but not too late".  You race downstairs.   Fire up the laptop and a couple of excessively hard pecks at the keyboard later.  Boom.  You solve it.  Simple little IP address re-register from the router to the wireless.  Cisco's sooooooo simple.  Looks like Yoshi's going to meet the sharp side of your chromaly ax tonight!

First, what is a protection perk and an even better question is what is a perk to begin with?  Perks in the fantasy geek game are elements that can be applied to improve your  chances of winning by augmenting or protecting your fantasy geek players.  Some of the perks work by increasing certain scores while the protection perks operate quite differently.  They are designed to protect your geek players from attacks by game opponents and their so-called traps.  Let's get into the specifics of the IP Address perk.  The protection perks work only when triggered by another perk or trap.  In the case of the IP Address, it's a protection against the Contagion trap.  The Contagion trap attacks the Gaming category for a given victim, I mean fantasy geek player.  If the Contagion trap is applied on one of your geek players, the player's Gaming category score will drop by 4 points.  If you, however, applied the protection perk IP Address to that player in advance, it will cancel out the trap and almost more importantly, the trap sender (or rest of the board for that matter) will not see it so they will have wasted a perk/trap selection since you only have so many you're allowed to place each week.  There's nothing more satisfying than negating the trap selection of an opponent.  SORRY!!  It's the geek equivalent to get that out of my kitchen!

Use your protection mods wisely.  Also, if no one attacks that specific player and category, the perk doesn't help you much.  Strategically, it's best to use it on categories that are highly contested which you plan on taking. 



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