Just Bob Fantasy Geek Profile
Bob is always upbeat in spite of the social station

Some people just have more serotonin running through their brains and although, we usually have a hidden sense of jealousy about this unfair positivity, occasionally it goes to far and Bob falls (willingly) into that category.  He embraces taunts from the meatheads with brim and vigor usually throwing off ah shucks colloquium's to further the ensuing abuse with no end.  That doesn't phase him as he skips away to band practice.  The bullies are usually left slack jawed in disbelief at the impotence of their abuse.  Much to their consternation, Bob's already forgotten about it as he skips down the hall with spring in a step and a musical in his ear.  In spite of intense geekiness, you have to respect the person who just doesn't care what the rest of the world thinks of him and that has made Bob a remarkable contender in the Fantasy Geek game multiverse.  Let's take a look at his upbringing and more importantly, what he brings to the game.

Maybe it's difficult child birth that made him so resilient as a young, geeky adult.  A combination of the rare bubble boy syndrome (he literally was in a bubble) and extremely sharp fingernails made for a drama-filled childhood filled with doctor visits, inhalers, and mom's counter-culture focus on probiotics as cure for all things.  Spending much of youth in doors, he quickly took to the computer and any other pastime that could be done alone including the trombone, chemistry, and the occasional wall-sized macrame rendering of his favorite alien race from StarCraft.  As he got older, his immune system improved despite his mother's reliance on suction cup therapy to remove the bad energy (Try explaining the crop circles across your back in gym class).  He quickly realized that he needed to get out from under his mother's wheat-grass soaked fingers so he would escape out into the world.  He never looked back and now his prowess from years of self-reflection (and Sodoku) have made him a powerful in the geek game world.  Let's look at his rankings in the Fantasy Geek game categories where he's definitely a top-5 performer.

In the Gaming category, he performs with a stellar 9 (out of 10) for his self-made Protoss mating guide which on the surface sounds like it would be worth more for pure strangeness.  In the Physique, Baby category, however, he comes with an 8 for his stage 7 Unibrow.  Where does one begin and the other end?   Who knows.  His tighty whitey's with the periodic table not only gives a 10 but begs the question, where did he get those?  As a shout out to the Terminator, he sports a replica phased plasma rifle in the Techmology category for a 7, his lowest showing of all 6 categories.  In the Hobbies category, a dedicated passion to write McGuyver fan letters on a weekly basis earns him a dominating 10.  Finally, he finishes off strong in the Odditorium category with an 8 for his bedroom escape hatch which came in handy during his self-denoted "Bubble years" period. 

Just Bob Strengths and Weaknesses

You can't go wrong if Bob is available to you.  Make sure to grab him fast.  With a 7 in Physique Baby being his weakest showing, he's definitely going to go in the first round and for good reason.  If years living with extreme allergies to everything including air and water can't stop him, what do you think the Fantasy Geek opponents are going to be able to do.  Not much, says Bob through a Gungan snorkle.   



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