Fantasy Geek Game Locker Room Wedgie Trap
Elastic straps are stinging!

Gym class.  The bane of a geek's existence.  Is it really necessary?  Apparently it is according to Coach Clipchek so you make your daily venture into the damp and musty halls of the locker room.  All appears well so far as you past the chipping, gray painted lockers that maintain the sweat and grime of a thousand high schoolers over decades within them.  You might actually make it through the dressing period with no problems from the usual cast of meatheads.  You open your locker with sigh but something's not quite right.  Why is it SO QUIET??  Shouldn't everyone be getting ready.  Yes, you come 15 minutes early just to avoid contact with your brethren but today, you were late due to the chemistry class mishap (don't ask).  They should be here by now in all their mustached glory.  Uh ohhh.  Spidey senses pick up some snickering coming from just around the corner.  That's not good.  Never is.  You slowly turn your head to the right like Sigourney does from Alien (just watched it last night 1-3 back to back...sweeeeett) and you see them.  Chet, Bif, Todd, and Spencer.  They're all looking at you which is not good.  They're grins and stares catch you off guard but then you feel it.  The burning sensation of your tighty whitey's being hoisted high up your back as the cotton material succumbs to the pressure and tears.  You look back to see Connor giving you the ultimate Atomic wedgie.  In your honor and in memory of all those who have suffered underpants attacks of this sort, we have created the Locker Room Wedgie Trap in our Fantasy Geek game. 

Locker Room Wedgie is a trap you wouldn't want to use on your worse enemies but we never said anything about your friends and opponents in the Fantasy Geek game.  When you apply the Trap to an opponent's geek player, that player's Dress Code score will drop 4 points right away.  Immediately.  That's a big hit and it will definitely swing things in your favor to take the Dress Code category for the week.  The trap will remain in place for the remainder of the current week and will be tallied at week's end during the reveal.  The opponent who's suffering such an egregious attack will know who came from so be ready for sweet retribution.  At week's end, all perks and traps will clear out to start the next week of intense geek battle.  So how do you protect your fantasy geek players from the dreaded Locker Room Wedgie trap?

There are a few approaches.  You can increase your initial score to offset some of the Locker Room Wedgie with the Half Off Perk.  You can also apply a protection perk called Utility Belt which will protect a player from the Locker Room Wedgie in secret (not viewable).  This not only protects the player but wastes one of the attacker's traps.  Finally, there's a reversal which will send the trap back at the offender.  All have advantages and we'll leave the hard decision to you.

The picture for the Locker Room Wedgie trap is a picture of a sports supporter more fondly referred to as a jockstrap.  The Lore listed of this Trap is "Something's not right… the locker room seems oddly empty for for the snickering around the corner… Aiiegh!!"

So beware when you step into the locker room.  You never know when you'll be wearing your underwear over your head walking out.  Not good for social standing.  Not good.  



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