Meet the Fantasy Game Geeks
A quick into to the cast of Geekdom

We've assembled an impressive cast of characters and corresponding abilities for our Fantasy Geek game.  And yes, they like to party.  If by party you mean all night vids, orange soda, and hacking into COD maps.  Then yes, they party.  The cast is always changing with new entries throwing prior geek challengers down the hill of geek ubiquity  for total geek conquest.  Before we get into some of the cast and crew that make up the Fantasy Geek game, let's look at how we judge geekiness.  

Welcome to the 6 attributes of total geek retribution and omnipotence.  First, we have Gaming, a quinticential strength of most geekdom.  It doesn't matter if it's with 20 side dice or digital avatars laying waste through post-apocalyptic cities.   Gaming is must.  Next is Physique, Baby.  Geeks are proud of the their physical differences and their physical differences don't care what you think!  With various allergies, phobias, and rashes, fantasy geeks use their differences to their strength.  Next up is Dress Code.  The minute skinny jeans came back in, our fantasy geek commando's stopped wearing them..out of principle.  Unless of course, they're riding about 8 inches high.  I'm too busy with the next category to worry about style.  Techmology.  This is where a true geek's gift is.  Look at Google, Facebook, and the like.  The world will be ruled by the geek, not the meek and his scepter shall be technology.  Next up is Hobbies.  Big deal if the fantasy geek collects velvet elvis paintings. Who cares if ventriloquism hasn't exploded on to the scene yet.  It will and when it does, fantasy geek's going to throw his voice into  ladies' room.  Finally, there's Odditorium, a hodge podge of every fantasy geek game attribute that doesn't fit neatly into another category.  Just like the geek players themselves, sometimes you need a square hole for a square peg.  Sorry, equidistant rhombus peg.

So those are the attributes.  Let's give you a quick teaser for what kind of info you can expect on the fantasy geek game players and more importantly, what detail can help you and them win.  We mentioned the categories above and they're important.  This is how you win the game.  Each fantasy geek has a base score and attribute for each of these 6 categories.  The goal of the game (simplified) is to get the highest score during a week for a given category (Techmology for example) across all 6 of your geek players.  For example, if your 6 geek players have a Techmology score of 5,7,6,9,7, and 5...your total Techmology category score is 39 (out of 60).  If 39 is the highest Techmology score among all your fantasy geek opponents at week's end, you get 39 points.  Kaboom!  There are 5 other categories so the real challenge is how can you get more than 1 category and how will perks/traps help you strategically.  Like we said, each geek has an attribute (such as "reversible underwear" under Dress Code for a base score of 6).  The base score just give an average amount, any given week's score may be up or down from there depending on that attribute performed that week. 

We also give you some background into each fantasy game geek.  You have their full names, their tag-lines (also known as their geek battle calls), and some history/background on their ascent to the Fantasy Geek games of our time (or any time for that).  Every fantasy geek will have a full bio and write up so you can snuggle up to your fantasy geeks on a cold, rainy night.  Believe me, they'll love THAT!



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