Fantasy Geek Game Mr Pibb Perk
Somtimes you need a little soda to play the game right

The sweet blast of carbonated elixir goes hand in hand with a serious session of video games in any language or country.  We wanted to celebrate the luke warm cans and 64 oz plastics relics telling of hours played in battle with 13 year old punks in South Korea at your favorite game.  In honor of this legacy (maybe that's a bad choice of words), we bring you the Mr Pibb perk for Fantasy Geeks.  Let's take a look at how to use this Perk in the game.

Mr. Pibb, as you probably know is a slightly stronger take on Coke's mainstay carbonated drink but closer in pop to Dr. Pepper.  We didn't want to go mainstream since we are dealing with very powerful geeks and there's nothing common about them or going into them.  Our second runner up was Orange Drink which we liked for the pure generic quality about it but Mr. Pibb won out.  Hey, it's name is Mr. Pibb.  What does that even mean and are you allowed to drink without being the owner of an Xbox?  We're not sure.  So how does the Mr. Pibb work?

Mr. Pibb belongs to a class called Perks in the Fantasy Geek game.  The perks are elements you can apply to your own geek players to improve their scores for the week.  The Mr. Pibb perk applies to the Gaming category for obvious reasons.  Sometimes, in the midst of post-apocalyptic battle with BLANK (fill in aliens, zombies, cyborgs, etc as appropriate), you need that extra jolt of caffeine and the sweet burn of caramelized carbon on the back of the throat to fire you for the coming assault.  Hey, it's hard work saving the BLANK (planet, moon, base, Sunday school, etc as appropriate) on apple juice or water.  Also, how would the dentist ever make a living.  Think about them for a change, selfish.

When you apply the Mr. Pibb perk to one of your 6 players, it will increase their Gaming score by 4 points immediately.  That doesn't mean your player is safe however.  One of the other Fantasy Geek opponents may look to target that player's Gaming score if they're making a run for the Gaming total score or just want to mess you because it's a lot more fun than homework.  They might apply the Contagion Trap to your player's Gaming score.  uh oh.  We'll talk about Gaming later but it has the opposite affect on that player's score.  Luckily, your Mr. Pibb will offset the trap to protect you in some form.  You can also look at a protection Perk to that Gaming score or even a reversal but we'll leave the big picture stuff to you as you decide how to decimate your opponent's fantasy geek players in a quest for total geek domination.

The Mr Pibb icon is pretty straight forward.  Three glorious 64 oz bottles with no wrap stand as citadels of spastic hyperactivity, quick controller reflexes, and a mouthful of eventual metal.  One's black to reflect the Cola lovers in all of us.  One is orange out of respect for anyone who consumes something with the word "drink" right in the title.  Finally, there's green for the health nuts and/or lovers of Mountain Dew, another favorite of hardcore Gamers around the world and across Middle Earth.   



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