Fantasy Geek Game Night Class Perk
Advanced Coding classes taught late at night

You can learn all kinds of crazy stuff at night school depending on what's available in your area.  It might come from a local community college, a YMCA, or just a specialized adult learning class.  You feel a hankering for origami.  You can probably find that.  You're feeling a little dusty on your three sectional staff kung fu work?  No problem.  There's a certain Korean black belt who's just itching to teach you some new stances.  That's the beauty of night class.  You can find almost any thing and most of the classes are going to be right up your alley...strange!  In honor of this vast repository for strange and sublime learning, we decided to pay our respects in the Fantasy Geek game with the Night Class perk.  Class is in!

The Night Class perk is one of the core perks you can use in the game to augment your already impressive geek scores.  This particular perk applies to the Hobbies category, one of 6 Fantasy Geek categories that you must compete against other geek owners within.  When you apply the Night Class perk to one of your Fantasy Geek game players, it will kick up that player (can only apply to one player at a time) 4 points for the week.  This additional boost will last through the end of the week and play out at week end's reveal.  When you apply the Night Class perk, the rest of the board will see this and a small Night Class picture will show on that particular player.  Keep in mind that when others see the perk application, it might affect what they do and there's plenty they can do.  They can send traps at your player (or another player) to hit the Hobbies category if that's one they're after.  They can also apply the Night Class perk to there player to offset your newly boosted score.  You may even look at protection perks to ward against these nasty traps or reversal perks to send it back at them.  Each perk has certain advantages depending on how the other opponents played their hand.

How about a quick look at the Night Class perk picture.  We wanted to find something that would fit in the Hobbies category logically but at the same time, express the pizzazz and quirkiness of the type of hobby that our Fantasy Geek players might find interesting.  Look no further than Origami and that's exactly what you'll find on the Night Class perk picture.  There are certain pursuits that don't attract the common man and origami definitely fits that bill.  Folding a piece of paper into the bifurcated head of a Medusa involves a certain geek stature right from the start.

As with all the perks, you have to play Night Class within the framework of the whole game and how others are playing.  The goal of the game is to get the highest score by category (not by player) and you have 6 categories across six different Fantasy Geek game players.  That brings up the question of not only which perk to apply but to whom.  Keep in mind that you get the same effect applying the Night Class perk to your weakest player as to you strongest player and the rest of the board can see it either way.  Things are really going to get interesting when you can take a night class in Fantasy Geek perk/trap strategy.  That will be a sign of the end of days!     



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