Roland Fickes Fantasy Geek Player
He's afraid of everything BUT geeking out

Life can be scary and no more so than for Roland Fickes, a star on the Fantasy Geek game circuit.  There are perceived dangers everywhere and no advanced skill in electronic surveillance and counter-threat robotics can possibly thwart every perceived danger.  Just going outdoors to get to your Second Life magazine from the mailbox poses problems and letís not even mention mandatory gym class.  What Roland Fickes lacks in courage and fashion sense, he makes up in geek game abilities.  Heís one of the strongest geek players in the game so donít let his sickly, feeble frame fool you.  Letís introduce ourselves to Roland Fickes (rhythms with Nicks as in Stevie Nicks).

Roland Fickes background. 

Roland wonít reveal where heís from due a very conspiratorial streak that runs through his every thought but the Orlando, Florida henna tat on his inner thigh might give some indication (for about 12 more hours).  Roland has an intense fear of all shadows including his own which makes travel in any manner of light (be it man-made or sun) difficult.  When not spending hours analyzing his coin collection and tracking down rare buffalo head nickels online, youíll generally find him knee deep in servo motors and electronic soup as he build more spy bots, copters, and automated toaster ovens.  Hey, what can you say, he loves pop tarts which constitutes 2/3rds of his food intake and those store bought toaster ovens all have secret surveillance bugs integrated into the browning mechanism, right?  Everyone knows that and Roland Fickes knows better than anyone.  Cardboard cut outs are placed in front of windows to confuse any onlookers as to the total number of room occupants and you can find him carrying around cardboard torsoís of various figures that vaguely resemble the cast from Star Trek (the Enterprise years of course).  His acute fear of all things moving or still has figured into the intense development of his many geek abilities in our Fantasy Geek game.

Geek Player Attributes and Scores

Roland is second only to Guillaume in current Geek Game standings among the 6 different categories.  Letís take a look at how intense fear can sharpen your other abilities to fine if nervous tick laden point.  In the Gaming category, his role as Second Life robot lover earns you a 10 (out of 10).  In the Physique, Baby category, his struggles with a bizarre inner arm rash earn a 10 as well.  In Dress Code, his love of a childhood Disney fanny pack brings a strong 8 to the table.  In the Techmology category, his spy bot video copter not only watches for intruders but garners a respectable 7.  For Hobbies category, his tech 9 bubble gun is impressive with a 9 showing.  Finally, in Odditorium, his mint penny collection will one day fetch him a few hundred dollars and a strong 9 in the fantasy geek game. 

Strengths and Weaknesses

Good luck finding any geek weakness with Roland Fickes.  Heís the real deal.  Completely legit and confident in his geek status.  If you can grab him early in the game, make sure to with his high scores among all the categories.   Heís not as strong in Techmology if thatís your primary or secondary goal but a 7 still isnít bad on a scale of 1 to 10.  Roland wonít leave the house but heíll definitely bring a consistent geek game score to you every single week across all six categories. 



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