Scotty Tamps Fantasy Geek Player
An early love of fire was never going to end well

We all knew those kids.  There chance of reaching age 18 was 50/50 at best.  Whether it was an intense fascination with fire and fireworks or some hair-brained stunt involving shopping carts and steep hill, things were probably not going to work out well.  Call it a lack of fear and not in the t-shirt bravado good way.  There's a reason we should be afraid to jump off buildings.  It's bad for legs.  Scotty Tamps never knew that fear.  Life was a series of dangerous things to try out and see what happened.  Yes, head would find themselves wedged into storm drains and a few plate glass windows might meet their end on the sharp part of his dull head but that's Scotty, or Geek Game player.  Throw in some over-the-top bluster and you have a unique mix of danger and bluster.  Probably won't win you many friends but in Fantasy Geeks, the Facebook game, he'll win you quite a few points.  Let's take a look Mr. Tamps as many individuals in uniform with badges have likely addressed him as over the years.  

Scotty Tamps famous and infamous neighborhood feats of both daring and stupid are well know and well travelled.  We'll break down his Geek Game categories down for full display.  First, there's the Gaming category which celebrates all things game based...a hallmark of geekdom.  This is one of Scotty's strongest categories.  He scores a solid 9 weekly points for his role as Second Life mall cop.  Why he chose a mall cop and not a real cop in what amounts to a fantasy role where he could choose anything is confusing until you realize...Hey, it's Scotty Tamps.  He's pretty authentic from his many run-ins with the authority.  He know Miranda by heart and can even quote the various numeric police codes for most misdemeanors involving vandalism, loitering, and obscenity. 

His true geeky disposition comes out loud and clear with his Physique, Baby score of 7.  He earns this with a Hubble Telescope Tattoo, a seemingly contrarian design for the local hooligan until you realize that it was the only one on sale under $5 at the parlor. 

In the Dress Code category, he earns a 7 for his Chinese R2D2 condoms.  Leave it to the Chinese to both violate Lucas Art trademarks in such a crass way.  If only the condoms weren't made with parabens and epoxy resins, we might excuse the outright theft.  Doesn't matter...Scotty loved them right away especially with the R2D2 print on the actual condom.  He'll never use them but it's important to have them in the wallet.

Scotty Tamps limited fascination of technology has usually shown it self in the construction of explosive and incredibly volatile home-made weapons.  The one exception is his beloved robotic can opener which he can spend hours watching.  He earns a 6 in the Techmology category which reflects the limited "wow" factor of such a device unless you work for Cambells.

In the Hobbies category, he get's a 9 for his constant use of interchangeably using the word "Fracking".  It's was annoying enough in the Battle Star Galatica remake but when Scotty does's very annoying as well.

Finally, in the Odditorium category, we're faced (begrudgingly) with a life-size Telletubby figure which gives hints to what's really on in Scotty Tamps childlike mind.  He earns his Fantasy Geek game owners an 8 for this throw back to his pre-injurious childhood.

Scotty Tamps is a solid 2nd round pick for the Geek game draft so make sure to grab him if he comes up especially if you plan on cornering the Gaming or Hobbies category where he proudly brings a 9 to your score.  



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