Talent Show Fantasy Geek Game Trap
He's not...going...to...Oh no, he IS!

It's almost a rite of geek passage.  On one hand, the school talent show can be a veritable stage for quirkiness and strange predilections but with geeks, they rarely care or are not aware of these various quirks so all is well.  Sometimes though, the display of strangeness on the talent show stage is just too much for even the most self-respecting geek to come back from and there fore, we offer the Talent Show trap in our Fantasy Geek game for your perusal.   

Imagine you're sitting in third seat during your school's talent show.  Some guy is up there wrapping up a break dance display that would cause most of your joints to just break so you give him some props in spite of the fact that he's Korean and no amount of flat-billed ball caps is going to add to his street cred.  The Assistant Principle thanks Hak Im for his performance and after some mild clapping, the next talent show contestant takes the state.  Oh no.  It's Melvin Veckler.  Melvin's is die hard geek and when he's not in full wizard garb, he's harassing you as his neighbor.  You sink down into your seat a little bit as you know what's coming will even penetrate your veneer of coolness since you live right next door to him.  You know it would be bad but you had no idea.

Melvin steps up to the front of the stage where the lights fall brightest.  You had hope he might slink to the shadowy corners to defuse what was about to happen.  He's not holding any talent accessories such as magician hats or trumpets.  Just him standing there in a Witches of Waverly Place t-shirt.  Selena Gomez is awesome but Melvin's 17 now.  He cues the background music which is from the cantina scene of Star Wars.  He stands there and scans the crowd with little pomp or circumstance.  He then slowly opens his mouth but nothing comes out.  The high school crowd drops in silence trying to figure out what his talent is going to be besides the ability to confuse and make uncomfortable.  They have no idea.  He slowly raises his vastly oversized hands (relative to his slender, almost sickly body) and begins to place his fist in his mouth.  People's jaws drop when they realize what's he doing.  He contorts his jaw and head and places his entire fist into his mouth but this isn't the end of the horror.  He then starts to raise his other hand.  Oh no.   Not both of them??  Yep.  Both of them.  He grinds his wrist and fist till cheeks look to pop like a hamster storing seed for any eventual food apocalypse.  His eyes grow wide as if to communicate with the audience as to the completed success of his "talent".  You can hear the background music skip to a sudden halt as the principle rushes out to thank Melvin and move him from sight.  His stealth move is not fast enough to save from Melvin from the nickname "Handsies" which will follow him through life.  Talent show is very dangerous to our geek players and we pay homage with the Talent Show trap.

When you apply this trap to an opponent's geek player, they're Hobbies category will immediately take a 4 point hit for the week of play.  This will be tallied at week's end and will be cleared before the next week of play.  Four points is a pretty big hit considering that the average range of points is from 3 to 10 per player.  You victim of this trap will see the culprit immediately so a trap war may be set off with the Talent Show trap.  Either way, just be glad you're not Handsies or his brother, Footsies. 



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