Tap Dancer Protection Perk
It's easy to follow the tap dance routine at talent show

It's one of those really bad deals you make with parents.  They always sound good up front but when payment comes due, you realize that the gain was never worth it.  It may surround eating good food, playing less vids, or the mother of all bad deals...participating in the school talent show.  Mom still has those dreams of you on the stage not realizing that your full-time geek status is diametrically opposed to andy display of talent in front of peers...or as you like to term them...meatheads.  In a moment of weakness, likely due to a 4 hour binge on MMPG gaming with some knuckleheads from South Korea and Bahrain, you give your tacit approval to whatever she just said.  Later on, you realize what you agreed to...talent show.  This is really bad.  The only thing you can do with any proficiency is to fit your entire hand in your mouth and that's going to bring a world of hurt your way during non-class periods of the day (which are many).  In the fantasy geek game on Facebook, Talent Show is a major geek game trap that opponents can throw at you to ding your hobbies category for one of your geek players by 4 points.  But wait...there might be a way out...a get out of talent jail card.  Enter the Tap Dancer protection perk.  Just in time.

The Tap Dancer protection perk is a saving grace to protect one of your player's Hobbies category score.  This is how it works.   First, back to our story of talent show 7th level of hell.  You find yourself up on the stage.  The other participants all look at you.  Of course you have the wanna be hoods who rap and try to krunk after watching Rize too many times.  You also have the hot girls who use the Talent Show as an example to vamp out and get just a little more ill-intentioned attention from the male school population.  But who's that over in the corner?  Is that Mitch Glossiner?  What is he wearing?  TAP SHOES!  You race over to the line-up and nervously scan down the page.  Hip Hop Nation....Pussycat Dhalls...Mitch Glossiner....and YOU!   Yes!  You fist pump as well as a geek is able to.  You pull something in the process but it was worth it.  You are following Mitch Glossiner and what is sure to be an earth shattering tap dance routine.  You're following that!?!?   No problem.  The crowd will still be traumatized and more importantly, the school resident bully's will have already pencilled in their beatdown schedules with Mitch scrawled in (they don't write...they scrawl) all over the page.  You're saved by Mitch's poor choice of talent exposure.  Success!

This is how the protection perks work in the Fantasy Geek game.  For the Tap Dancer perk, when applied to one player's hobbies category, any Talent Show trap that an opponent sends your way will be nullified.  This perk lasts for the full week and can protect multiple times.  It will reset when the scores are all tallied at the end of the week but nothing prevents you from choosing it again.  You can't see the Tap Dancer protection perk which means that an opponent may still attack that given geek player's category and waste their trap which has an added bonus.  4 points is quite a bit considering that the range is from 1 to 10 for a given category with certain players being stronger than others.  Either way, the Tap Dancer protection perk is a valuable commodity when you're about to take the stage of Fantasy Geek game play.



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