Fantasy Geek Game The Attic Perk
Digging around in the Attic might add to your geek powers

Americans love to collect their stuff.  They find all kinds of places to store their stuff but nothing comes close to the Attic.  All kinds of crazy nonsense gets stuck up there and you can spend hours rifling through generations of weird statues, pictures, and ill chosen purchases from around the world.  You may find little porcelain figurines or old WWII knives and grenades from pop pop.  You could do some real damage up there and your mom will think you're out getting "sunshine".  She'll have no idea what's going on till the large explosion rocks the house.  In honor of bizarre attic booty everywhere, we added The Attic perk to the Fantasy Geek game.  Open up that strange glowing chest with caution.  Who know what's up in the Attic.

The Attic Perk works offers a powerful and quick advantage to your Fantasy Geek players during game play.  When you apply it to a player, you will get an instant 4 point bump to the Odditorium category.  4 points is a big hit considering the base scores for this category generally range from 3 to 10 points.  If your goal is to take the Odditorium category or at least prevent someone else from running with it, The Attic offer a nice little arsenal.  The 4 point bump only applies to one fantasy geek player and it will last for the rest of the current week of game play.  At week end when the score is tallied across the board, The Attic point increase will be included and then cleared for the next week of play.  The point jump is cumulative which means multiple perks and traps will affect each other even though you can only apply 2 perks and/or traps (total of two) per day. 

Let's look at the lore and picture for The Attic perk.  The picture is a strange chest which slightly ajar to reveal a glowing, green light.   The chest is clearly in a dark, attic like room with not much else around it.  There's definitely a Pandora's Box quality about the image and the box.  Open at your peril!  The lore for The Attic is “Sent to clean the attic of 5 generation's stuff.  Is…that….is that a shrunken head?”  Who knows what you’ll find up there.  Pop pops stash in attic adds 4 points to ODDITORIUM. 

So how does The Attic perk interact with other perks traps available?  Good question.  For one thing, There’s a Trap that directly affects the ODDITORIUM category and counteracts The Attic perk called Garage Sale.  There’s also a protection of a given player’s ODDITORIUM category called TRAP DOOR which offsets Garage Sale.  Whether you want to boost your score, attack someone else’s score, or protect against someone else’s attack is up to you and that’s where the game is played.  They each have strengths and weaknesses depending on how other players play the game.  The Attic gives you the biggest point boost of the three but the others have psychological benefits in terms of keeping your opponents guessing as to what you’re going to do.  There’s an advantage in this going forward beyond just the current move as it will cause them to second guess their moves. 

Next time you go rummaging through your parent’s attic, be careful what you get in to.  There may be the original predecessor to Dungeons and Dragons that your Pop Pop played back in the day before the Talkies.  Your geek lineage runs deep!



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