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The 6 Fantasy Geek Categories
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Geek Game Perks:
Chemistry Set Perk
Alien Tech Perk
Half Off Perk
Mr Pibb Perk
Night Class Perk

The Attic Perk
IP Address Perk
Bubble Boy Perk
Utility Belt Perk
Wristwatch Calculator Perk

Tap Dancer Protection Perk
Trap Door Protection Perk

Geek Game Traps:
Contagion Trap
Locker Room Wedgie Trap
Wood Shop Trap
Talent Show  Trap
Corn Nuts  Trap

Garage Sale Trap

Geek Player Profile:
Just Guillaume
Roland Fickes
Fuqua Solatzo
Cletus Puetz
Just Bob
Freddy Schillinger
Ganesh Parvad
Diggs McAlvoy
Chester Downs
Scotty Tamps
Flippo Sheethedde
Clark Pu


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