Trap Door Protection Perk
Some things are for your geeky eyes only

When you're young, privacy is a luxury that's seldom achieved while living in your parents house.  This is true for all teens and young adults but especially so for those of the geek persuasion.  There's just too much to hide from prying mother's worried about all the time you spend in your geek lair to intrusive college roommates who might understand why you have so many books written in klingon or reference manuals detailing how to take apart phasers and vocoders.  They just wouldn't understand so it's best not to go there as it might result in embarrassing talks with the parental units about their "concerns" or heckles from non-geek peers who are this close from giving you the full beatdown treatment.  You're not about to part with your geek paraphernalia so what to do?  Good any intrepid and self-respecting geek, you design and construct with very few injuries, a trap door to hide all your precious artifacts.  In light of this sudden pop of brilliance, we offer the Trap Door perk for our Fantasy Geek game on Facebook.  Let's take a look at how it works.

The Trap Door perk is a Fantasy Geek game example of a protection perk.  Essentially, when applied to one of your geek players, it will protect that particular player for one week from an attack by an opponent.  Each protection perk is designed to counter the effects of a specific attack or trap as they're called in the game for remainder of the week's game play.  The Trap Door perk works on the Odditorium category which is really a grab bag of all the strange geek traits that don't fit neatly into the other 5 categories.  It is designed to counter the effects of the Garage Sale Trap which can knock 4  points off of the attacked geek game player for that week's play in the Odditorium category.  The lore is as follows:  your mom took all your precious geek iconography and sold it in a garage sale.  You look out the window to see the neighbor walking away your prized stuff in a box she bought for a lousy $10.  To prevent this, you use the Trap Door perk which allows you a secret play to hide all your belongings.  This prevents the 4 point ding to your player's Odditorium score. 

So when does it make sense strategically use the Trap Door perk as opposed to a reversal perk on the same category.  The advantage to a protection perk over a reversal perk is two fold.  First of all is the question of timing.  You can use the protection perk early and it lasts for the rest of the week against multiple attacks.  Secondly, it works to prevent future attacks since the attacking opponent does not see a protection perk and will therefore waste one of his traps.  It operates on the once bitten, twice shy approach going forward.  You would want to use this when the Odditorium category is important to your strategy since the game scoring is based on categories taken.  The question of which player you apply it to is tricky.  On one hand, the logical choice is to put it on your strongest player but since the score for a given category is across all 6 of your players, you don't necessarily know which player your opponents might attack.  There in lies the heart of the game as you are quickly immersed in a world of fantasy geek retribution and intrigue.  Okay...that just sounds geeky.


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