The Utility Belt Protection Perk
Atomic wedgie THIS!

Look.  Every self-respecting geek knows that you're geek status is in serious jeopardy if you're not a tinkerer...a designer and builder of the ridiculous, extreme, and obscene constructed with wood, metal, plastic, legos, and those little twist ties.  The Utility Belt Protection Perk respects this innate ability to create mini-monstrosities and we'll see with our anecdotal story of attack, defense, and eventual locker-room redemption.  Let's look at the Utility Belt Protection Perk in our Fantasy Geek game.

Horace enters the locker-room for gym class with trepidation and the acute smell of funyions wafting from his shirt collar and sleeve (napkins are for amateurs).  He looks left and right but arriving 15 minutes early is his best defense and he knows it.  It's all quiet except for the low hum the heating system as it heats the 1950's asbestos lined walls of our high school locker-room setting.  He cautiously moves down the row of lockers to find a dark, remote place to change quickly before the meatheads arrive and look for prey.  A smile spreads across his face as he realizes that today might just result in his escape on the savanna of high school life.  Uh oh.  He hear's the chuckles immediately after turning the corner and feels the presence of a few bodies surrounding him from behind...cutting off his escape.  His plan had been foiled in spite of the time spend planning and executing his early gym class clothing change.  He feels the familiar pressure and tug of what would usually result in an atomic wedgie of....well atomic proportions but something happens.  The attackers upward pull meets a strange and unfamiliar resistance.  The meathead's face furls in confusion at the impeded motion of his famed wedgie attack.  Horace doesn't dare gloat as there are many ways to inflict torture on the geeks but a smug sense of superiority shows on his face.  His anti-wedgie utility belt crafted the previous day has evened the score of the eternal locker room battle.  Geeks 1.  Meatheads 0.  For today anyway.

So what is the Utility Belt protection perk in our Fantasy Geek game?  It's the great equalizer reflected above against the Locker Room Wedgie trap.  When applied to a fantasy geek game player of yours, any Locker Room Wedgie traps will be null and void, sir.  The typical 4 point reduction for that week to your Dress Code category will not occur as a result of your prior Utility Belt protection perk application.  Not only did you protect your geek game player but you also cause your opponent to waste a valuable resource (the applied Wedgie trap) in the process.   The Utility Belt perk must be applied prior to an attack and it only protects one of your 6 fantasy geek player for the remainder of that week.  It also only applies to one of the Geek Game categories so try to anticipate what attributes your opponents will attack.  The protection perks also have the added benefit of creating future doubt about attacking certain players which helps to provide a once bitten, twice shy effect.  That's a very geeky way to say they shant attack again.  That's also pretty geeky.



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