The Wristwatch Calculator Protection Perk
The only thing it can't calculate is your change of getting a date

When you think of geeks, there are certain outward fashion accutrement that can single handedly define the genre and using words like acutrement don't hurt either.  We all know the black rimmed glasses circa Nasa Apollo Program with tape around the nose or paper clips holding on the side pieces are right up there.  You also can't miss the venerable pocket protector with various pens, protractors, and geek toolery nestled inside.  Right up there on our winner's podium of geek status is that show of extraneous computing power wrapped around the wrist...the wrist watch calculator.  In a heavy handed salute (because of the watch calculator weight), we pay tribute in our geek game with the Wristwatch Calculator Protection Perk.

First let's set the stage if we may.  You're in the middle of a rocket competition with adjoining schools and your record of 10 years with 1st place ribbons is now seriously tested by those meddlesome Polytech High team members led by Linus Toops.  You knew they were tough but now you're actually feeling the heat.  Just one more rocketry challenge left and you're all tied up.  The directions are place in front of your team on solid white stock paper with red ink.  Reading over the challenge rules, your teammates panic as the sheer volume of calculation that will need to be done in under 5 minutes.  Computers, tablets, and smart phone are expressly prohibited.  No one said anything about watches!  You calmly sit back and flip through your calculator watch's various settings (which you know by heart from training in the dark) to sin/co-sin's.  Your teammates quickly realize your genius and you can practically smell the geek respect emanating from the group.  "How about we calculate some sub-orbital trajectories, me ladies and gents" issues forth from your mouth.  You've saved the day...or your Wristwatch Calculator has.  It might just do the same in Fantasy Geek game play.

In the Fantasy Geek game, the Wristwatch Calculator Perk is a protection perk.  This means that it protects one of your players for one week from the negative effects of a trap that another opponent has put on your player.  The particular trap that the Wristwatch Calculator Perk protects from is the WoodShop trap which knocks your Techmology geek game category down by 4 points.  When you apply the Wristwatch protection perk in advance of the attack to one of your fantasy geek game players, the oncoming trap will be neutralized.  This has the added advantage that the assaulting opponent has wasted one of his traps for the day.  You're allowed two perks and/or traps per day so neutralizing one of them not only has a strategic effect but a pretty powerful psychological one as well.  The deliberate and strategic application of protection perks like Wristwatch Calculator should serve to prevent further attacks in the future. 

Each protection perk will last throughout the week and multiple attacks (say from different players) will all be neutralized.  This is the benefit that a protection perk has over a reversal perk which sends the trap back to the sender but is only used once.  The Techmology category tends to draw a lot of attention, both positive and negative, so this is a good category to protect if you're fantasy geek players are innately strong in that category already.  



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